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Pain on side of knee and tighness

I have a hard lump on the lateral side of my knee and bruising around knee and it band. I cannot bend knee and feal pain all the time, when sitting, lying or walking. When i press lump there is irritability and pain. It hurts to straighten knee. I had an x-ray that shows a minor lateral patella tracking but my knee cap does not hurt. I have had this for a year, what can I do to fix this and go back to sport?
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Did you see an orthopedist?  Did you get an MRI, which shows soft tissue and X-ray doesn't?  I'm no expert, so don't know what patella tracking is, but is it possible they were talking about the patella tendon rather than the kneecap?  That would hurt on the sides and below the knee.  But if there's a lump that wasn't there before (you may be referring to a part of the knee that looks and feels like a lump but is just part of the side of the knees.  Pain from pressing here can be from a Baker's cyst, patella tendonitis, or a problem with your meniscus.  If it's so bad you can't exercise, it needs a better doctor to look at it.    
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