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Painful lump 4-6" above knee

My husband  (75) loves to walk, and will walk 4-10 miles on a treadmill 1-3 times a week.  A couple of days ago he walked about 12 miles with elevations changing from 2600 to 3300 and back. He has done this in the past.  Shortly after doing this he noticed that the thicker area above the knee seemed to be swollen. I didn't think it looked swollen at the time.  The next day he noticed a lump about the size of a small lemon, but he didn't tell me till last night.  Could this have developed because he overdid it or should we be concerned and go to the doctor now.  He has some degree of varicose veins (mostly bulging veins above his ankles) but it is not painful to him just unsightly.  

The following is a snapshot of his recent medical history.  He had prostate treatment (had enlarged prostate so they gave him lupron prior and during radiation) and finished treatment earlier this year.  About 4-6 weeks ago he noticed his right nipple was painful and there is a lump or a mass of some sort there.  He just had x-rays and a sonogram yesterday, and they have decided to do a biopsy on Monday.  Other than this he is in pretty good health.  Looks and acts much younger than his years.  (he does take a double dose of generic mevacor for cholesterol and double dose of prilosec.  He routinely goes in to have his skin checked for squalmous and basel cell carcinoma and has had liquid nitrogen or minor surgery to deal with this over the past 20 years.

My immediate concern is that lump in the inside fatty part roughly six inches above the knee (inside).  Please let me know what you think this could be and if we should take immediate action of some sort.  Thank you so much.    
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How old is your husband?
What is your name?
I think of only few possibilities.
First is it might be a blood collection due to some ruptured vein.
Secondly a lipoma which was dormant from long has increased in size suddenly.
Thirdly part of varicose vein pathology.
I think you should be consulting doctor as early as possible.
You should also ask for imaging study to rule out any pathologies of knee joint and Doppler study to see for any vascular pathology.
I think you would have met the doctor. What he has to say about this?
Is any imaging being done?
Keep me informed.
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