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Recovering from Ankle Sprain

Two weeks ago I sprained my ankle running- I guess it was just from over use because I did not trip or twist it or anything like that, but the doctor verifies it is a sprain. I have worn an ankle boot for thw two weeks, and done some mild exercises that the doctor gave me.  I do not have access to an exercise bike or swimming pool, so I have been unable to do any real cardio on this down time and I am so anxious to get back into it. My ankle is still pretty sore. When can I start running again?  Im afraid if I wait until it stops hurting I am going to lose a lot of valuable time (Im training for a 1/2 marathon).
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Do not run till your soft tissues at your ankle joint are sore. You have to take NSAIDs and apply ice packs at your ankle joint and wear an ankle brace or a support for a week to completely rest the affected ankle to recover.

After the soreness decreases start cardio activities such as mild walking and increase the speed and intensity slowly and progressively.

You can only run and train after 2 weeks if you do not have any tears or major issues with your ankle joint.

For any other complications you have to get some scans done and also have to follow up with an orthopedician or podiatrist.

Take care!
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Badly sprained ankle 5 days ago.  Have uncontrollable burning pain.  Just touching skin is too buch to bear.  What do i do for this?  Help!

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