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Right buttocks pain esp. when sitting

I'm a 45 year old male in Atlanta who has right buttocks pain and some lower right back pain, especially when sitting.  Have seen an Orthopaedic/back pain management M.D. in Atlanta and he took an MRI of my lower back and said it looked normal...no bulging discs.  He said it might be pirformis or SI joint related.  Have had a pirformis injection, an SI joint radio frequency ablation (where they burn away the nerve endings) and have also gone to 3 months of therapy.  The therapist says my SI joint is now more stable but my pain continues to be there.  The therapist thinks I may have a bulging disc but my MD says the MRI doesn't show that.  This pain came on suddenly about 4 years ago when I was doing a lot of road bicycling, playing tennis, jogging.  I have curtailed these a lot, since any vigorous exercise seems to flame up the pain.  It is especially painful near the center of the right buttocks, almost near the groin, almost right on the bone where I sit.  But sometimes the pain radiates from the lower right back into the right hip area. When I bend over to tie my shoe, the pain also can go from the right butt into the upper hamstring.  I am new to this website, but was just looking for some advice.  I can't seem to get my doctor or therapist to give me the answer to what is causing my pain.  I would like to get back to physical exercise again. Given that my SI joint is now stable, why is the pain still there?  Could it be my hip? Are there any exercises I should be doing?(I am doing some already from my therapist).  Should I see a neurologist/neurosurgeon?
Thanks you!
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You could see an neuro, but your pain is consistant with SI joint problems.  As this has been going on for a while, you may have some arthritis in the joint as well as inflammation.  Ask your doc for some antiinflammatories or arthritis meds and see if those help with the pain.  When sitting you could try a pillow or sitting on something very soft, like latex (sold in mattress stores), which will cushion your bottom and not press the bones together. Try not sitting for too long before getting up and stretching.  Continue with the program the therapist gave you to maintain range of motion at the joint.  good luck
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Thanks for the feedback.  I've tried Aleeve and it takes some of the pain away, but once I stop taking it, the pain is back.  I don't want to be popping pills everyday.  I have been doing therapy for 3+ months and it has helped, but the deep buttocks pain still occurs, especially when I go cycling or if I go jogging.

Also, someone told me to have a nerve test done to see what area of my body is causing the pain.  Is that true, and if so, would a Neurologist be the type of doctor to perform such a test?  How would I go about finding a top notch Neurologist in Atlanta?

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When you cycle, you could try a gell seat that has a hole in it for testicle relief.  These are softer seats and may help you be more comfortable.  You can also do muscle exercises for the buttocks, such as tense and release, to help keep muscles on the pelvic floor in good shape as well as the buttocks themselves. Ask your therapist to suggest and show you exercises for these muscles.  You would go to a neurologist for a nerve conduction study. Scattered throughout the country are "nerve specialists" who only do NCS, but I am not sure if there are any in Atlanta. Your insurance company should have a list of doctors or therapists in your area that take your insurance.  You will probably need a referral from your primary health care provider to get an appointment. You can also go to the website for the AMA or the local phone book for doctors in your area.  Hope this helps
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I seem to have the same problem as Jerrys only I'm 50.

My problem started about two years ago.  I've seen an Orthopedic specialist, a Neuro-surgeon, had two months of physical therapy, just had my first injection of steroids and the pain persists. I've had an xray of the hips and MRI of the lower back and they show nothing.

I have to admit I'm over-weight by about 50lbs but am active. Actually I started having the problems when jogging at the gym to shed the weight.  It started in the buttocks/hip-joint and started down the legs and into the lower back.

My pain is tollerable but if very annoying. Kinda like having a pressure point pressed on constantly.

I've frightened myself by reading about aortic bulges and found little help online. Most discussion say the symtoms indicate disc bulges or back trauma neither of which I can remember experiencing.

I have another injection of steroids coming up Oct 17th so I'll see how that works. It lasted about a week last time.

Goodluck Jerrys

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sounds like what I had a few years ago, on my left side. Doctor's couldn't figure out why i had pain down my butt cheek, back of leg and side of my lower leg. And my leg would swell and hurt rel bad with a tingly pain. I ran 6 miles a day. Anyway figured out is was sciatic pain. Had to stop running for a year. Back to running 8 miles a day now. I buy new running shoes every 6 months.
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I have been having the same symptoms. I lifted my grandaughter about 2 months ago and hurt on the left side. It finally went away a month later but I am now in severe pain on the right side. It hurts in the upper center of my right buttock and the low back. It feels like it is on top of my hip bone. It also radiates to my hip causing throbbing pain. Most days the pain is tolerable but when I over-do-it, man is it a pain. I had X-Rays done that didn't show anything other than a little Arthritis in my spine. I am 41 years old and have never had back pain in my life. I can't take pain meds due to severe nausea/vomiting with most all of them. I am taking anti-inflammatory meds which helps some but the pressure is always there. In the mornings, I can barely bend over to dry my hair and then by mid-morning it is tolerable, probably because of the Anti-inflammatory meds. The real pain is at the end of the day. At night it hurts so bad that it throbs in my hip and I can't sleep and it feels like I need to stretch it out but I can't. I have been going to PT and they are able to relieve some of it at the time but an hour later it hurts exactly the same again. I can't stand still for more than a few minutes in one spot because it starts spasming. The pain does not go to my leg, it stays in the buttock and low back. I am going to schedule an appt with a Neuro-Surgeon to see what I can do. I really, really, do not want to have surgery but I cannot keep going on like this. You would think that being a nurse would have some advantages in cases such as this with all of the knowledge floating around the hospital, but all are guesses so far and nothing has helped. I ride motorcycles and am about to purchase another new bike, this time a sportbike, I am keeping the cruiser too, just in case, lol. I really need to get better quickly. Please let me know if you have found out anything on your symptoms. I am looking for any solutions.
Take care, Robin
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I'm hoping you can help me!  I slipped on my stairs and fell on my butt about 2 years ago.  I've had terrible pain in my right glute and down the back and side of my right leg to the knee.  If I sit for awhile, I have to straighten out my leg because my knee feels cramped.  My right glute or somewhere in my right buttock hurts so bad at night I can barely get comfortable.  I have done stretches, seen chiropractors, physical therapy, had xrays and an MRI with an ortho specialist.  I've also soaked in the hot tub, used ice and heating pads, had deep tissue massages.  I take ibuprofen and baclofen regularly now.  This past weekend, it hurts so bad, I can hardly get into my car without almost screaming in pain.  The orthopedic specialist said the MRI didn't show any disk or pinched nerves.  He thought it might go away on it's own, but it's only gotten worse.  Any ideas?  Would sciatica show up on the MRI?  I don't know what to do anymore.
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Have you posted this on the back and neck forum as well?
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It sounds like sciatica....you need anti inflammatory like Aleve (take with food). Also they have medicated patches I use that get warm and relieve some of the pain.  You need to take the anti inflammatory until it chases that pain away..........its very painful...I know all about that....heating pad if you dont have the medicated pads...do not use together.  Do not do the things that agrivate it, especially when it is flared up.
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Hi, madgeOwens, how are you? Thanks again for your thoughts. It might be possibly sciatica but certainly needs further investigation and may be a second opinion from a different orthopedic surgeon. Physical findings and tests if positive, he may order a repeat MRI. Yes, anti-inflammatory medications and neurobion can be given till orthopedic doctor plans a proper care. Rest is most important. Continue massage and heat therapy can be helpful. Take care.
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I'm a 40 year old Computer Enginner in Dubai has Left and then right buttocks pain started a week ago. The pain started when I sat for almost a day time watching movies on internet and the chair was not so smooth and the pain started when I got up from bed in the next morning and I was not able to get up up with out help of my wife. I had tried hot water treatment and it was okay for a while. Then next day also I sat too long on the same chair with out much smothness and the next day I woke up it was terrible and I was crying with pain and my wife was not able to feel the pain as she thought it was a fabricated by me. She took day off on that day and I went to doctor, I was not able to drive the car especially when getting in the pain was terrible and he asked me to walk on legs fingers &  back of legs on the floor and confirmed the disc is fine by lying down and lifting up legs one by one with out any pain on knee as well as lower legs. He gave me an injection (voltaren) and after an hour or so my pain disappered and gave me antirheumatic & antiinflamatory medicine for 4 days and looks fine. Doc said do not sit for long.Then I decide to sat on carpet floor for long working on laptop, next day the right butts start paining I couldn't get up and severe pain. I had took antirheumatic & antiinflamatory medicine and I am ok little bit now . I had this prob an year ago watching sports on TV for whole day time and it was disappeared in a couple of days.

My suggestion is that do not sit on hard surfaces for long and the problem is rheumatic & inflammatory.This is basically a muscle pain which hurt us a lot I felt this pain for a week or so now. I can imagine Jerry's situation.After 40 years of age we get all sort of probs.SITTING FOR LONG IS THE CAUSE OF THIS PROB. DO SIT ON A HARD SURFACE AND ALWAYS SIT ON SMOOTH SURFACE

thanks to all I join in this community.

Chacko Kuruvilla

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Hello,  You might want to post this in the "Back and Neck" forum  this is "Exercise and Fitness".  Good luck in finding your solution =)
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