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Running On The Treadmill

When I got to the gym part of my workout routine includes running for 1 hour on the treadmill.I read in Men's Health magazine that doing intervals (for example:run at 6mph for 2 minutes then run at 3mph or rest for 2 minutes) will be more effective in losing weight than if I ran or walked at a steady pace.Is there any truth to this>?
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I've heard the same thing.  I do interval training for that exact reason.  I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm maintaining...but I hear its better simply for your cardiac conditioning, too.  
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I heard intervals is good to fluctuate your heart rate and keep your metabolism moving which helps in weight loss.
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yes ive heard that too that having your heart rate go up and down like that while working out is good for burning more calories, and strengthening your heart.
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So should I do it at higher speeds (8mph) perhaps? It said you gotta get your heartrate up in my case to like 198 I believe.
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Most people believe that for exercise program to be effective, the body must be in continual and steady motion.

However, if we allow some period of recovery to the muscles, that proves to be more efficient in muscle building. This is the reason why most exercise experts recommend the High intensity interval training (HIIT) as compared to the steady-state cardio exercises.

HIIT involves alternating high intensity short duration efforts and then a more spread out casual effort (the “recovery interval”), over a 15- to 30-minute session. This leads to burning of more calories than the steady state cardio.

You should however also consult your physical trainer as to what kind of exercise programme would be more suitable for you.

For more information you may refer to these links-

http://exercise.about.com/cs/cardioworkouts/l/blcardiomachine.htm and


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