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Should I consider exercising?

I haven't had much to do lately,so I'm considering going to the gym three times a week.I've been thinking of working on my glutes,because I think my butt needs to be lifted more.I already have a routine(from a Jenna Phillips Youtube video)and schedule planned out.I want to lift my butt,but I don't want it to be very firm,or firm enough to lose its "movement".Would doing exercises cause firmness?
Also,it's probably a silly guess,but if I focus on a diet to gain weight,but do exercises for only my abs,would I lose the possible excess fat in my stomach but gain fat in the areas I intend to leave alone?As if,for example,I want to gain a fuller stomach but thinner thighs,so I exercise my thighs but leave exercises that focus on my stomach alone.
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hi! It sounds like you need a program to help you understand what you want in a work out. Sadly it is very hard to target just one area on your body. I would recommend you look into Kayla Insines BBG Training Guide, it is amazing and guides you day by day.
You can do many exercises that tone your body which sounds like what you want. I would say no to your question, tone your whole body and stick to your healthy eating plan.
Hope that helps.
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Whatever the reason, we all need to exercise. It's good for you body in more ways than lifting your butt.
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I understand that,but that answers only my title question.I want to know if I should exercise in response to my full post,not just because it's good for the body.
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I checked the Kayla Insines BBG Training Guide's website.The results(from the photos of other people who stuck to the guide)are more than I want to achieve.I certainly do want to be healthy,but I don't exactly want to be toned.I'll stick to the Jenna Phillips exercise that I have been looking at and I'll look up some nice diets,or compose my own based on what I can gather from many suggested diets.Thank you for suggesting some things,though.I sure will keep it in mind.
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