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Should I slow down because my heart rate while running is high for my age?

I am 50 years old. I have been physically active moslty with periods of skipping exercise though.

I have been running again regulary and want to know if I should slow down or keep the speed.  Based on the formula my max heart rate should be 220-50 = 170 but it seems I regularly go over this.

My resting heart rate is around 65

I usually run 30 minutes on the treadmill at 6 miles/hour (3 miles total).
At 10 minutes heart rate : 163
At 20 minutes heart rate : 167
At 30 minutes heart rate : 169

post running Heart recovery at 1 minute: 146 (delta from peak: 23)
post running heart recovery at 2 minutes: 139 (delta from peak: 30)

I don't get tired and feel I can run for much longer.  But when I run at 6.5 miles/ hour my heart rate goes over 173 and I am able to sustain it for 15 minutes or longer.

So given my age should I be slowing down? am I running too fast for my age? or shall I continue to push over 173 without worrying about my age?  

Thank you!
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If you are super concerned, talk to your doctor, but it seems like you should run as far as you can comfortably run, ignoring your heart rate while you are doing it. It should only help in the long run, since your heart will get used to the increased activity and come up with a lower resting heart rate as a result.
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I don't know what you Resting  Heart Rate is , but mine is around 50 and I'm very fit for my age of 64.
Here are your Training zones based on your age and  assumed RHR of 50

Fat Burning: From 115 to 128 beats per minute
Aerobic: From 128 to 141 beats per minute
Steady State: From 141 to 154 beats per minute
Anaerobic: From 154 to 167 beats per minute
Maximal: From 167 to 180 beats per minute

You are in the Maximal which is clearly around the danger zone!
Something does not dd up here, but if your numbers are correct
check with your doctor to make sure it's OK to train in that range.


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