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Slim figure Bigger butt

im currently trying to find good exercises to get a big butt and lose belly fat if you guys know any please let me know
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There is no single exercise that builds a bigger butt while reducing the size of your waist. It is possible, to achieve both by following a workout routine and m adjusting your diet. Building a bigger butt requires strength training of the gluteus maximus muscles. Reducing the size of your waist involves toning your abdominal muscles and burning the fat that is covering them.

To build a bigger butt, you must choose exercises that target the glutes. Basic glute exercises include squats, leg presses and lunges. If you are new to working out, start by performing three sets of 15 body-weight squats and lunges. As you progress, add weight to these exercises. Your butt muscles get bigger when you force them to adapt by increasing the weight. When your body is no longer sore from performing the exercise, it is time to increase the weight or switch up your routine. While performing squats and lunges, keep your weight back over your heels to avoid pushing your knees over your toes, which can result in injury.

There are some exercises that will help to strengthen both your butt and abdominals. Having strong abdominals will help to give you a flat, toned stomach after losing the excess stomach fat. You can do donkey kicks and leg wheel-ins are two exercises that help to strengthen both your glutes and abdominals.
Choose a resistance band for donkey kicks. On your hands and knees, hook your foot through one of the handles, and then hold the other end in your hand to control resistance. Kick your foot back, keeping tension on the resistance band. Contract your glutes and use your abdominals to remain balanced. Complete 15 repetitions, and repeat for each leg three times.
For leg wheel-ins, lie on your back and bring a stability ball under your heels. Lift your butt off the floor and hold. Squeezing through your glutes and hamstrings, roll on the stability ball so that your heels are almost touching your glutes. Extend back out, keeping your hips off the ground for the entire exercise. Engage your abdominals for balance and support.

Cardiovascular training will burn fat and eventually decrease the size of your waist. The average person should start with a minimum of 20 minutes of moderate to intense cardiovascular training per day. Choose exercises and machines that also incorporate shaping and toning your lower body to build your butt while burning fat. Cardio machines such as stair climbers, ellipticals and bikes all have settings that target your lower body. Challenge yourself by increasing the incline or resistance. The Centers for Disease Control recommends using the talk test to determine the intensity of your workout. To know when you are participating in moderately intense exercise, you will be able to talk but not sing while performing the activity. If you are still able to sing, this means you are not working hard enough.

To increasing the size of your butt while also slimming your waist is to eat a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. In addition, drink at least a gallon of water per day. To calculate your daily protein intake, eat one gram of protein per pound of your body weight. Eating a high protein diet will help to keep lean muscle on your body while cardio burns the fat. Another thing is a good diet by reducing the amount of processed foods in your diet. Focus on incorporating fresh, unprocessed foods and lean meats.
Perform 10 to 12 reps of your butt exercises with the heaviest weights you can lift. Do 15 to 20 reps of your ab exercises with the exception of planks. Do three to four sets of all the exercises, and work out three times a week on the alternating days of your cardio. If you google the exercises I stated you should see how they are performed. Get the OK from your doctor!!
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