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Slimquick and Depo-Provera

I hope this is the right topic.

Anyways i was wondering if anyone is taking Slim Quick (the new diet pill) and is also on Depo-Provera (birth control shot). I was wondering if anything counteracts with one another???

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I wondered the same thing.  I called the 800# for Slim Quick Labs, the lady told me that Slim Quick will not counteract birth control (I'm on Estrostepp).  But I called my GYN just to be safe.  She wouldnt give me a straight answer.  She said she "disapproves of weight loss pills and that ANY drug you add to your body could counteract ANY medication you may be on."  I kept asking her specifically about Slim Quick and birth control but she kept dodging the question.  I think either (a) she doesnt know for sure or (b) she was just trying to dissuade me from taking any weight loss pills - but that is just my opinion. I decided to take Slim Quick anyway since she didnt give me a definite "No" (been on it for a week now.

Try asking your GYN what s/he might think if you are still unsure.  

Hope this helps.

PS: If you do talk to your GYN and she says to definitely NOT take slim quick, let me know!! Thanks! :)
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I also called my gyn to see if slimquick will affect in any way my birthcontrol im also on the depo, but she told me she disaproved of diet pills and that she really did not know if it affects it in any way , if you guys find out something please let me know, i just bought them but im not sure if i should take them
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I have been looking for the same answer. Does it or doesn't it??????
I'd rather stop the weight loss than get pregnant, but i haven't found anything relating slim quick to birth control.
I am dying for this answer since I just started today taking slim quick and I've been on birth control...
Please if any one got a definite answer for that, share!!!
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i've been using the super dieter's tea once in the am and again b4 bed time and its been working for me so 4. But i would love to know more about this cleanse as well if anyone as tried it. I tried to do the master cleanse b4 i started phen and failed after the 1st glass!!!!!!!! i just could drink it no matter how hard I tried to fouce myself bec i know that it has great results so ive been trying to find another one that i could really do also [url=http://allnutri.com/pid40123/slimquick+extreme.aspx]slimquick[/url]
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i was also wondering the same thing. ive been wanting to use Slimquick Cleanse first, since it jump starts the weight loss. I called the planned parenthood center where i got the depo and the nurse told me its fine to take. the cleanse says it gets rid of toxins in the body and stuff so i wondered if it would flush out w.e hormone was in the injection and she said it would not and to go ahead and start if i wanted to. Hope this helps.
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Hey guys,
I am taking birth control and slim quick currently. I took it once before and the only side effect I got was I was a little jittery, and I broke out a bit.. but the two didn't really interfere. I did not ask my GYN about this even though I should have, so if you guys get a definite answer that would be amazing!

I am a little nervous about taking the two together    :- /

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