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Slow recovery


Does anyone remember what causes your body to recover slower after work-out? I finally got back to exercising (hurrah) but my body uses a whole lot longer now to overcome the ache. I can't wait for the muscles to be a little less sore. I'm taking 300 mg magnesium after each workout. Earlier that was enough.
Even my neck muscles and tendons are cramping at night while I'm sleeping and 4 days after weight-training I can still not extend my arms completely. I'm suspecting I am deficient of minerals. I drink 2 liters of water so I know that I at least get enough fluids.

Thankful for answers

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It’s good that you have resumed your weight training after some gap. However you should keep in mind that the duration and intensity of exercise should only be gradually increased. An over-enthusiastic schedule may lead to muscle soreness and take a long time to recover.

You should start with an alternate day workout schedule and later on switch over to daily after consulting a fitness expert. It is mostly recommended by experts that an alternate day schedule is sufficient to get the results. The muscles require a period of rest to recover and strengthen them for a more severe workout.

Missing warming up exercises, lifting too heavy weights, causing jerky movements, improper holding of weights and forgetting to stretch or cool-down after your workout can result in injury.

The best treatment is that you should allow your arm to rest and avoid lifting any weights for the next few days. Using cold packs and some analgesic anti-inflammatory medication would provide some relief.

Magnesium intake will also be helpful in relieving muscle tension and fatigue.

If pain persists for more than a week, he should seek the advice of a physician.

Let me know if this helps.

424549 tn?1308515502
Thank you very much. That gives me a good clue. I might have increased the weights a little too fast. I'm going to ice and try get range of motion back without making this worse. It's got to be a first time for everything :-p

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