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Sports Hernia

Ok...so I was scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Friday) for endometriosis, but then my dad found an article in the newspaper about sports hernias.  Since I play ice hockey at least three times a week, I asked the doctor about a possibility of this at the pre-op appointment.  He hadn't thought of that, so I was sent to another doctor, who couldn't feel anything, but the article said that a sports hernia, which I guess is a tear in the ligament or muscle in the lower abdomen/groin area, doesn't show a bulge.  The doctor insisted that an MRI wouldn't show anything, so he didn't want me to have one.  I am now on Lyrica and Celebrex, and my surgery was postponed indefinitely to see if my pain is from the sports hernia.  I was wondering if anyone knew any more about sports hernias and what type of doctor I should see to have it checked out, and also what these medications will do to help.  Will they be able to tell if I have a sports hernia if these medications do or do not help?
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Hello, I'm not sure you have found any answers but I have been to 3 doctors who just checked for a regular hernia and said they can't do anything for me since they can't find anything. I have mentioned a sports hernia to them and they all have no clue.  so i have printed out a ton of info to give one of the doctors to educate him.  search the internet for sport hernia, sportsman hernia, and athletic pubalgia.  You will find a ton of information and it affects male and female.  Hope this helps you.
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I had inguinal hernia surgery in 2004.   I did have complications and had to be taken into surgery a second time.   The doctor lidocained a big nerve that was giving me a problem.  According to the doctor  I had a big fat nerve and the mesh may have  scratched it.

Well, it took 8 weeks for  the nerve to get better.  But  in the last year have been feeling extreme pain in the same area as I had surgery.  It basically feels like I have been kicked in the testicles.

The surgeon said he could go back in and " Muck around"  in his words but that might not do any good.

Can anyone shed any light on what might be the problem?  Any ideas, thoughts.... My email  is   ***@****  Thanks..
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Re Sports Hernia. Have you had any resolution from your pain. Please email me, I'm going through a similar experience. ade_hall at y a h o o dot co dot uk
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In case someone else is looking for info on sports hernia, I found a lot of valuable explanation on Sports Hernia South at http://www.SportsHerniaSouth.com which describes the symptoms of sports hernia, how to diagnose sports hernia, and how sports hernia treatment with rehabilitation and exercise before you have to resort to sports hernia surgery. They also have a list of many medical articles written about sports hernia.
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Hey does sports hernia goes with symptoms like epididymitis? I work in a warehouse and felt like I strained a muscle on my lower hip then day after my testicle is swollen
Hope someone answers, but this post is 9 years old and it's possible nobody here still is on the site.  I guess we'll find out, but if you want more response make a new post.  I would say, though, that nobody on here is an expert, and nobody on here can diagnose you and you can't diagnose yourself, so if you think you're injured a doctor would be the place to go.  I would say, though, maybe you don't really look at your testicles all that often, but they take on some pretty odd shapes and move around a lot.  The hip also isn't a muscle, it's a joint.  There are muscles above and below the joint, but if you just bent the wrong way it's probably not a big deal, but again, if you're injured it's hard to know how to treat it -- rest, ice, stretching, heat -- without a diagnosis.  Hope it's just a tweak.
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