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Stomach tightness, dull ache

I just started working out a little over a week ago. Jogging a mile every other day, crunches and some ab workout videos. Also started a plank challenge around the same time. After a few days, my stomach was sore to be expected but since then, I've been getting these weird stomach cramps that lasted a few days. All day yesterday, my stomach felt fine until I jogged a mile at lunch. About an hour later, my stomach feels tight right under my navel and there is this consistent dull ache. I slept fine last night but it has been there all day today. Can this come from working out?
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You're doing to much for just starting to exercise!
jogging, ab exercises, crunches and planks to much
Proper form for a crunch
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Best thing for abb tightens xx
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Don't over work. Keep on increasing working period slowly and gradually day by day.
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