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Stress fracture?

I think I may have a metatarsal stress fracture. I looked up all the symptoms and they pretty describe it perfectly. Although, before I run out to a doctor, is there any way I could feel it? 'Cause right over where the pain is I feel this 'lump' and it's not on my other foot. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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Stress fractures of the foot usually occur as a result of repeatedly carrying too much weight or doing too much "pounding" on the lower leg and foot.  Weight lifting, jogging on cement or tarmac, marching(stomping), jumping, etc.  The risk is higher if there is a disease process present such as diabetes or osteoporosis.  When this fracture occurs in the foot it usually occurs in the metatarsal bone of the second toe and you will get a small bump in the center (ish) of the forefoot.  These fractures rarely show on an initial xray because the bone is not displaced, but will appear  2-3 weeks post-injury when  healing is occuring.  An xray is the only way you will know for sure if a fracture occured.  If this is a stress fracture, I suggest you ask the doc for a DEXA exam.  This will test for bone density and set your risk for future fractures.  Hope this helps
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