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Suitable starter exercise routine for my busy mom (50 years old)

Seems like my mom wants to try exercising and getting fit as one of her resolutions but I'm not even fully successful in  incorporating exercise in my daily habits. She's now 50, still somewhat strong, she's a little chubby and is already used to lifting heavy pails of water when doing house chores. She's about 5'2 and probably weighs around 80-90 kgs. But she's still very much active in doing household chores. She has high blood pressure so I'm not sure what type of exercise I should recommend here. I'd really like to help here be stronger and healthier but I don't want her to feel more stressed in working out. Thanks.
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I suggest having her start with cardio buy a pedometer and she should try to
reach 10,000 steps per day!! as for strength you can buy resistance bands
google it! Start at this point and see how it goes.
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Thanks! She's actually a preschool teacher so I hope she can accumulate many steps easier. Also, earlier, I took a good look at how fat and muscular she seems to be and observed that her legs are muscular and her arms as well but she's not so lean and she still has a LOT of fat around her hips and tummy. Could you or anyone suggest tips on how my mom can be a little shapelier or slimmer without losing muscle tone. I'll try to gather measurements if I can and will get back.
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