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T3/Cytomel Meds - Sustained Release

Hello people, I just ordered my Cytomel (T3/Thryoid Meds) from Mexico, it's called Tryiotex and people in the net says it's a slow released meds.. the dosage are 75mcg for a pill.. how should i take them? what's sustained release means? will it be ok to take the dosage first thing in the a.m on an empty stomach? or should i split the dosage for 2 times a day? (remember - that's a slow/sustained release pills.. different from other brands out there.. the brand called Tryiotex)

As we all know, Cytomel is a pill that can replace the Thryoid Function of our bodies.. but after tons of researchers, there's one thing than i need to know.. let's leave the sience/knowledge about this thing behind.. let's talk simple.. the thryoid is not the only thing in our body that affect our metabolism right? so what if someone use t3 but has low testosterone/other things.. (i'm talking about someone who's not on gear) will it still raise metabolism? and what is the max dosage of t3? let's say someone gets too crazy and take 200mcg of T3 a day.. it's just affect the BMR as it is? means now is BMR can be like 4000 calories or something? is this really possible?
Of course i'm not going to get crazy as i know the risks like Shutting down the Thryoid Function/All the side effects.. but what if a girl that has now muscle mass and just wants to be skinny takes alot of cytomel? will she lose wait like crazy? cause i was really surprised that with all the Girls who wants to be "Skeletonic Models" out there never got crazy with this pill..

I'm really sorry for asking so many questions about the subject but i waited for too long asking myself those questions and researching but no one at the net answered those questions..
1. What is a slow-release Cytomel/T3 meds and what's the difference on taking them?

2. Is the Thyroid the only thing affects the human metabolism? Means very high dosages of t3 will make your BMR extremly high?

3. If you leave the Throyid Shutdown and the Side Effects, can you lose tons of weight (muscle and fat) like no one's bussines?? LOL.
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You haven't given us the most important piece of info, which is, do you have a diagnosed thyroid problem?  I'm guessing not or you wouldn't be illegally buying this med from Mexico probably without a prescription, which means you don't know even if it's got in it what you think it does.  And all this will do is raise the possibility of throwing your thyroid into a hyperthyroid condition which, over a period of time, will cause your thyroid to cease to be able to manufacture any hormones at all.  This is what happens to people who take Synthroid.  The thyroid just dies off because the body doesn't think it's necessary any longer.  Why would you do this?  As for metabolism, the biggest thing that affects metabolism is probably genetics, but after that, it's the food you eat and your digestive system.  Metabolism is governed by most of your organs, not just the thyroid -- that's just a small part of it and only when it's not working properly.  Eating simple carbs like sugar, for example, alters metabolism.  Eating more protein alters metabolism.  Not eating alters metabolism.  And the thyroid is intimately connected with the adrenal glands, which you will throw off and they also regulate metabolism.  The connection between the thyroid and weight is not settled -- doctors believe there's little connection, while anyone who has had a thyroid problem will say it does.  My wife gained weight when her thyroid went hypo when she got Hashimoto's, but official medical opinion was that this does not affect weight.  Why on Earth would you be risking one of your internal organs when you can get where you want to go with work and proper diet?  As for slow release, it just means the capsule or pill releases only some of the contents at a time.  With supplements, this usually means most of it goes down the toilet, as the digestive system never gets a chance to digest it.  Drugs have different mechanisms of getting things to where they want them to go, which is one reason drugs are so toxic -- they bypass normal digestion.  Oh, well, it's your life, not mine.
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You answered none of my questions.. as you said, it's my life.. i'm asking about the weight lose with cytomel, and of course, please read the questions i asked and lemme know if you can answer them!
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Actually, I answered all of your questions -- no, the thyroid isn't even the major governor of metabolism and as it can throw off the adrenals, which are a major governor of one part of metabolism, and throw off the effect of your food, which is the major governor of metabolism -- that's question 2.  Question 3 is, you're risking shutting down your whole body by blowing out your system's balance, which means you can just as easily gain weight as lose weight when you play with the thyroid -- question 3.  And I explained what slow release is, question 1.  Was there a different question?
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