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Taste of copper when exhaling on runs

I started running again this week to prep for entering the military. My problem is that when I run I begin to taste copper when I exhale about the same time I start becoming tired. Soon my body feels fine, but I taste copper and my lungs will soon begin to ache, and then I'll feel like I need to stop running.

For reference if it helps, the copper taste stays with me afterwards when I breathe deep for the remainder of the evening, usually disappearing the next morning until I try running again. I get about .5 miles before this happens though. My heart rate is around 150 - 165bpm (beats per minute) when I'm running like this as well.
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I have a similar experience if I exercise on an empty stomach. I've also noticed an ammonia smell when I run/exercise without taking in sufficient calories. I have no idea what it is.

Do you take any meds? Some meds can cause a taste in the mouth when they're being metabolized (I take Lunesta once in a while...a sleep med...and it has a metallic residual taste).

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Well, I must say that many foods especially foods produced overseas use Baker's Ammonia as a leavening of sorts. No big deal maybe? What did u eat?
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