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Tips for weight loss

I have been so upset lately. Stress is weighing on me for many reasons. My weight is one of the reasons. I am 259 lbs as of right now, my weight goes up and down constantly.

I try not to eat unhealthy often but I cannot afford large amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits or meat because they're so expensive, and I only get $200 to spend on food for my boyfriend and I. I am in college and have no job or car, so I have no access to a gym or track. Floor exercises kill my lower back, and I'm always stuck at home because my boyfriend works constantly. He works night shift which means we sleep during daylight hours.

I have PCOS and have to take birth control, which really messes me up weight-wise. It's a never ending cycle. I have PCOS which can be worse in overweight women, but birth control makes me gain even more weight, so the problems feed one another. I don't know what to do really.
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Don't give up. There are many people who share a similar situation to you. I also have a bad lower back. I bought a cheap blow up fit ball.  It gives my lower back support when exercising. I have also started to find exercises on you tube. Some of the clips have people exercising along making me feel like im in the class
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For starters try to stress less!  Easier said than done, I know, but stress is terrible for weight loss.  I too have PCOS and understand your struggle.  Because of the PCOS you should adopt a diet free of white carbs and lower your intake of sugar.  I understand your financial situation, too.  I recently had to get an EBT card to pay for food.  Since you go to college do you have access to athletic areas like the track?  Our local outdoor high school track is open to the public.  For exercise I just walk or get exercise DVDs from the library.  I know your BF has to sleep during the day but you should try not to.  Nothing screwed up my body more than working the night shift.  If one is available to you, possibly at your school, consider talking to a nutritionist.  They can help you even if you're on a budget.  Stay away from pre-packaged diet meals or processed foods of any kind.  They're full of garbage and a waste of what money you have.  To lose the weight you have to  commit 120% and do what you need to do because its not easy for us PCOS sufferers...but you CAN do it
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Don't give up.  Start by just walking a couple of Km a day.  Aim for 2 lots of 15 minutes walking a day.  Gradually build up your times and distances.  It's free, and the more you do the better you will feel, physically and emotionally.
As for food, check on the Internet for great vegetarian Indian Asian recipes. You can do a lot with just some cabbage tomatoes onions and cheap pulses. Avoid refined carbs and sugar. This includes fruit juices. Good luck and don't give up.
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