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Tore or Sprained Something like Running?

I am having pain on the inside of my right ankle, right behind my ankle bone that protrudes. I picked up running about a month ago after never really being a runner and think I strained or sprained something. It hurts to put weight on it and point my toes. I have been icing for two days with no change. I want to get back to running, what can I do?? It also hurts to push on it, and there is some swelling but I did have surgery on my large toe in July, so the swelling could be from that as well. I think the tendon that runs adjacent to the ankle bone might be inflamed but I know it's not my Achilles tendon! Thanks in advance!
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Any time you have swelling I'd see a doc or orthopedist and get some pictures taken unless you know you just bumped into a chair or something.  Swelling can indicate a fracture, even a tiny one, and I'd think you'd want to know that before running on it again.  Running is a very high impact activity, it don't know how quickly you got into it, it could be you're rushing the speed or the distance.  But no way to know, and some people are just not suited to certain activities.  Get it checked out by someone who knows so you can get back to what you want to do and don't cause a severe injury that will keep you sidelined for a long time.  
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Physician ASAP.
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