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Triathlete with very high HR

I'm a triathlete, female age 43. Currently at my peak and am fit, am not underweight (but lower end of normal BMI and BodyFat), eat a low carb/low sugar/low fat/lowGI diet but eat frequently and use electroyle/no carb fluids for sessions over 1 hr but when I analyse my HR (Garmin 310XT) across all 3 disciplines I find my HR is well above the tables. My resting HR is 48-50 but I seem to have a max of well over 230 if I am to believe my Garmin HRM ?!  But I have a great recovery rate according to the same monitor. I've used this particular monitor for 8 months (daily) and a previous monitor (Polar) also showed very HR. Worked fine on husband. My husband is an acomplished triathlete (qualified for worlds ironman 70.3 this year) who seems to have a heart rate of a dead person in comparison to me so my numbers just don't seem to add up. Hubby wants to blame the HRM but as I had the same problem with the previous one I'm not so convinced. Tonight's interval running session wasn't hard and recovered well between sets but over 1 hr session the avg HR recorded was 207 and max 249. Pretty high for a 43 yr old!!! Mind you, I never wet the contacts. Is that the problem here or should I be concered (I had an ECG about 6 mths ago, all fine). Blood pressue is on low side.
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Hi there!

Well, during exercise one would normally expect the heart rate to rise, however one would not expect it to be beyond 180-200 beats per min and 230 would be slightly on the higher side. It could be a problem with the HRM as well and I would suggest getting a physical reading one. You could do one yourself or ask anybody else to for it for you. If the pulse rate is high again, I would suggest an evaluation by a cardiologist to rule out the possibility of arrhythmias, which may require a treadmill test or a 24-hour holter monitoring; though I would not suspect this to be bad, since you do mention a good recovery.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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Thanks. The HRM readings are constant - I train about 11hrs/week but I gave up using the HRM monitor because I lost faith in the readings when they were so high, and it was putting me off. Now I'm in my off season I have started using the HRM again and thought I'd try to get to the bottom of the issue. I'm actually convincing myself this is an electronic issue. Sorry to bother you all. Good forum by the way!
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