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Unable to Lose weight

Please Please Help!!!
3 years ago, following the death of my mother, my weight shot up and so i joined weight watchers.  i successfully lost 2 1/2 stone.  since then i have gained a stone back and so i rejoined weight watchers in Feb of this year.  Since then, i have stayed exactly the same weight.  3 months ago my doctor kindly put me on to Orlistat, but even then the weight didn't shift.  I know that i am following weight watchers properly, i am excercising three times a week and walking on average 6 miles a day! what am i doing wrong?? all bloods have come back normal!!
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You are not doing in a continous way nor have you planned your diet chart properly.
Weight losing is a motivating positive feeling. There is nothing to worry and you put your goals in place and start earnestly.
Once you start  some form of Physical exercise remember to continue all your life and do not stop them as this will give you good health.
Go to a dietician and evaluate your diet and based on your BMI prepare the no of calories you should consume to lose weight during the weight loss programme you are undergoing and stick to this.
Select any form of exercise which is suitable to you and where you lose maximum calories, for this discuss with a Physical trainer. Take care!
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You have to reset your life style, diet is not only for a period or section, that for life....
Try to exercise harder, if you can walk everyday, try race walk. Burn double cal of walking.
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