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Urinary incontinece and the elderly

What are the key factors that contribute to urinary incontinece  in the elderly living in long term care. Also does age play a part in this.
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The key factors in urinary incontinence is repeated UTI, bladder "falling", mental deterioration, muscle atrophy, and a sedintary lifestyle, and long term catherization.  This can be helped by squeezing the muscles of the pelvic wall together to stregthen the muscles. Walking and moderate exercise along with some bladder training may be helpful. Surgey may be indicated if the bladder has "fallen".  Age doesn't play a strong role in this problem. Depression, lack of socialization, physical activity, and mental stimulus are the culprits in long term care facilities.  good luck
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It is important to implement a bladder training program with elderly who have bladder problems.  Making access to the toilet easy and safe, keeping the bathroom door open so the client can see the toilet which might give a mental prompt for trip to bathroom.  Also putting the client on a two hour scheduled trip to the toilet by day and a portible toilet at bedside in the evening for quick access.  Kegal exercises especially after births can help avoid the extent of the problem.  There is a product called the kegal master(KM)that has helped many avoid a bladder pinning later in life.  Although the KM is not an appropriate intervention for geriatrics as it is inserted into the vagina and muscle excercises strengthen the pelvic floor.
Urinary incontinece is not normal at any adult age providing cognative function it normal (brain function). Seek help from your health care provider.  It is very important to protect the skin of an incontinant person by cleaning properly and gently and applying a skin protectant liberally get what your health care provider recommends.
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