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Walking again

I have just recently started walking again after having a pulmarary embolism a year ago this month. I still have to hold on to something when I walk so I go to the local grocery store and use a buggy to help keep me stable. I walk around to outside isle and then up and down each isle. I have built myself up to doing two full laps. I have a lot of pain in my lower legs and right hip. Should I be warming up before I walk with some leg lifts or what? Ism also wanting to try and strengthen my arms. What beginning excersice can I do for this? Thank you
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I fully understand what you're going through! I had 5 clots in my lungs. Be sure to get the OK. from your doctor first! Are your legs swollen? Just take your time.You didn't state your age. If you have a stationary bike that is also good. As for your arms if you have light dumb bells you can use them.

Walking can be a beneficial exercise for pulmonary embolism in the lungs. Starting a walking program immediately after a pulmonary embolism can speed up the recovery process and prevent the development of other embolisms. Walk using your normal gait. As you become stronger, try for a goal of walking at a moderately-brisk pace for 30 minutes on at least five days weekly to strengthen your cardiovascular health. Remember to wear well-fitted, comfortable walking shoes to prevent injury and increase your comfort level. Your doctor will provide guidance as to when and how long you should walk.
Doing exercises that keep your ankle flexible will increase blood circulation to the lower legs and help prevent the development of pulmonary embolisms. Sit in a chair, use your chair as a base for a seated ankle flex. Lift your right foot from the floor and straighten your knee. Point your toes forward and hold this position five seconds. Release the tension for five seconds, while keeping your leg straight. Pull your toes toward your body and hold this position five seconds. Return to the original position. Relax five seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times
Strengthen your calf and ankle muscles by doing toe stands as part of your exercises. Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold onto the back of a firm chair for support. Breathe in slowly, slowly lift your body up onto your tip toes as far as possible while slowly exhaling. Hold this position for five seconds. Slowly return to the original position. Relax 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times. An alternate version involves lifting your body up and down continuous for 10 times. Do not hold while in the up position. Return to original position. Relax 20 seconds. Repeat this exercise twice.
strengthening your cardiovascular system with swimming it's an endurance activity that increases your heart rate for an extended period of time and increases your breathing rate. Start by swimming short lengths, such as across the pool's width. Upon reaching the other side, relax 20 seconds. Swim back to original position. Relax 20 seconds. Repeat this exercise twice. You can do the same with a stationary bike.

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Thank for the FYI. I am 47.  
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It's great that you are getting back into the swing of things! I'm rooting for you! I recommend Oxygen magazine, they always have great workouts for women of all skill levels. It will have pictures of how to do arm exercises the right way at home and in the gym. As for the leg pain stretching before and afterwards COULD help,but if it keeps up perhaps check back with your physician. Good Luck!!
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