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Weight loss

I am trying to lose 20-25 more pounds does someone have any advice
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Hi.  Welcome to the club.  :>))  There is a weight loss and dieting forum that has a group and we are all working on losing some weight.  Here's a link:  https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Weight-Loss--Dieting/show/190.  Look for the ones that say weekly challenge.  :>)

So, first, how is your diet?  I find that really limiting calories or drastic diets don't work long term.  You may lose initially but then gain back more than you loss.  So, for me, it helped to rid myself of the most problematic foods.  I gave up pop/soda.  I gave up processed things like chips and crackers.  I cut way way down on sugar.  That alone was a big change for me.  I then made healthy choices.  Three meals and some snacks, portion control, lean meats, lots of vegetables, whole grains, fruit.  Drink lots of water.  What we eat is the most important thing to weight loss.

Then exercise.  whatever you like.  Cross train with some weight lifting, cardio and core work.  Or again, just do what you enjoy.  I like to do classes at the gym.  That's my thing.  Or I walk and do intervals of speeding up and then walking at a regular brisk pace.  Do check with a doctor if you've never exercised before.  
thank you for the info, my diet is  good, but not to good i am trying to figure out what to do next
You may think your diet is good but it might not be.  And you still haven't told us your height, sex, or build or age so there's way to determine where you should be at.   In the prior post you say you're 130 pounds.  To want to lose 25 pounds from that would suggest you're either very short or there's more to this story, but without details about your vitals and your diet we can't really help you any.
i am 5'6, 15 years old, male, used to be 150 pounds my body build is  in between good, and great
i'm 5'6 and i eat cooked meat veggies fruit bread stuff like that
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I find that it helps me a lot to always have a boiled chicken breast and cubed watermelon on the stove (or equivalent) - i use a cute fondue fork to make it fun to grab on the way by. It helps me to hit my food  while on the run and it helps me not to have a formal sit down lunch- If i were to sit down, i would bring bread and milk and my purpose would be to fill up - when i eat on the run, i eat a little, and burn off what i'm eating before i nibble again.

a winter parka) lol
A sit down meal is of course much better for digestion -- eating while on the move is okay for little bites or energy bars but not so good for meals, as they won't be well digested that way.
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