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Weight loss

Hi I'm 23 yrs old, femail. I went from a size 16 to a comfortable 10 but i can fit into some 8's. I love that I lost so much but i gained back about 10lbs. Im looking to jsut lose about 15lbs more. I work out almost everyday whether it be running, yoga or even brisk walking. I do some lifting but not intensive. I eat pretty healthy and keep the calories down. I usually have 2 egg whites in the morning with cheese, tuna for lunch, an apple sauce in between at work (soft foods got my wisdom teeth out friday so still taking it slow to solids) and for dinner i mix it up sometimes maybe more eggs, or chicken or something along those lines.. occasionally I sneak in  alittle bit of ice cream. the scale confuses me for example: I weighed myself wednesday morning then i ran 4milse that night woke up this morning (thursday) went to teh gym at 5am ran 2 miles and lifted a little and when i got home i weighed myself and i was a pound heavier- is that normal?
I'm am just looking to lose these extra 15lbs and any advice please give let me know. the faster i can lose it the better granted I know weight loss is all about patience. thanks!
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From what I understand it is normal for weight to flucuate like that. Especially when the body can retain water. I was having a hard time understanding this myself a few years ago. I was retaining water badly but my doctor wouldn't listen to me. He must have thought I was just being lazy or something. Well on one visit they gave me a water pill ,lasix, and had me stay in the office for a couple of hours. I urinated so much and got rid of so much excess water that I had lost 5 pounds while I was there. They don't doubt me when I tell them I am retaining water anymore. They just give me that lasix that I need.
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women do retain water usually a week before there period to a week after. also you might be working out to much, if you are working out everyday for at least 2 hours its makes your body think it is starving all the time and will start burning muscle instead of fat so watch out for that. Take care and good luck I'm trying to loss my last 20 lost 25 so far.
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I am a thirty year old mother of three. I really want to work on losing belly fat but being that im so buisy with the kids i really dont have the time or money to go to a gym.  Are there any kinds of safe exercises i can do at home? How can i get rid of my belly fat?
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Hi i am new to this i am 20 and weight 10 stone 4 pounds and i am a size 10 i want to weight 9 stone n be back to a size 8 im just after as many tips as i can get i am eating healthy and doing a fitness dvd which lasts about 30 mins thanks guys x
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hi EZrider,
you have done well in the past and reached to a reasonable scale then why are you so desperate about the last 15 lbs? I think you can easily do it. you're already working out and following the best diet plan. I think you should go for beyond weight management tea, it is really good for weight management and cuts the extra fat down so easily.
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