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Hi there! Welcome to the Exercise & Fitness Community!

We all know how important and beneficial regular exercise and staying fit is, but sometimes we just need a helping hand with motivation, or would like to discuss things with like-minded people, or perhaps get an answer to a question that's been on our mind lately...

That's where the Exercise & Fitness Community comes in! You can simply join in with ongoing conversation threads or post your own topic starters; get motivated and help motivate others; answer questions and ask them. Life is for living to the full whenever possible, so don't be shy! Just JUMP in and get involved!

Exercise comes in so many different forms, and each of us has our preferences, but that's why it's so awesome. There's literally something for everyone! Bear in mind though, that the advice given on these forums is not to over-ride that of your physician, and if you're new to exercising remember to take it s-l-o-w at first, whatever your chosen activity may be. Apart from helping to avoid injury it also allows time to master proper execution, which makes for a more enjoyable, productive end result.

If you want to keep tabs on how you're progressing, there's a great exercise tracker you can add to your profile. You just fill in all the details and you get a nice graph to help visually keep you motivated. Here's the link:  http://www.medhelp.org/user_trackers/gallery/exercise

If you're also watching your weight, (i.e. exercising to burn off calories) there's a tracker for that too!  http://www.medhelp.org/user_trackers/gallery/weight

They're such useful tools, and it only takes a minute to enter the data; well worth it.

Also tell your friends and gym-buddies about our community here. The more members we have, the more support, advice and knowledge we have to bounce off one another, and it will benefit everyone for the community to grow.

Now let's get physical!
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