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What do you think of Zumba? Does it work?

Have you ever tried Zumba?  What are your thoughts on it?  Is it a good weight reduction exercise?
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I'll go ahead and give my opinion which is not favorable.  I found it to be a sub par work out.  I'm really interested in how others feel as the gym I work out at is Zumba crazy.  They don't have that many people in a class but class after class.  And let me just tell you . . . it's not pretty.  

Sure waiting for the Zumba fad to die.  And I gather it is easier to teach than something like boot camp or harder work outs.  

All I can say to Zumba is NEXT!
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Well, nobody answered.  I'll say this:  when I was still able to go to the gym -- and hopefully I'll heal and get back there -- I never took group classes, I did my own thing, but I watched and it looked pretty silly to me.  But it was vigorous movement, and any vigorous movement, and zumba is just based on a form of dance, will burn off what we eat.  So yeah, it's as beneficial as any other form of vigorous movement I'd guess.
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I think I'd rather walk in place for 2 straight days than do an hour of Zumba.  :>)  
Yes, I'm Zumba bashing.  
What do you make of those silly skirts they wear?  Oh, now we're both Zumba bashing.  
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I hope I'm not offending any Zumba lovers out there.  But it has to be one of the only 'gym oriented classes' that also sells clothing specifically for it.  Things that have ZUMBA on it.  I see a lot of special kind of flaring capri pants for it.  

Honestly do NOT get the appeal.
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Never tried Zumba, but I've recently started doing Piyo and have seen results. Not sure much in terms of weight loss, but did lose 6 inches in various spots. I also like the Jillian Michael workouts.
Oh my gosh, you probably think I'm so rude about Zumba.  I was in the mindset that no one would ever read my comments.  LOL  

I'm going to look what Piyo is right now!!
I looked up Piyo.  Didn't realize it is by Beach Bodies.  They have a pretty good reputation.  Do you do the DVD's?  I like the concept--  and it seems low impact.  I'm going to see if I can try it on youtube.  Do you do it at home or do you have a gym that tries to do it as a group?
Yes, I bought a DVD set off Amazon. It was $20 and comes with I think 12 workouts, a measuring tape, a schedule that tells you what video to do on what day, and a booklet that has a meal plan. I personally don't follow the meals, but I eat a balanced diet. It is low impact and I do it at home. I noticed that when I was doing Piyo regularly (have taken a little break from it) my monthly period migraines disappeared.
Hm that's great!!  And it isn't too expensive.  Sometimes those dvd sets can be crazy expensive.  This sounds like a good thing to try!!  Great tip and I appreciate that input!
quick question . . . how much time does each dvd take?  As in how much time do you spend daily doing this?

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