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What's Going On With My Arm

I have had an anterior discectomy surgery twice at levels C3-C6. One level was done during the first surgery and then two levels during the second. They also removed the hardware from the first during the second. I do have chronic pain but it is managed for the most part. However, recently my left arm has been in severe pain but it's only in the bicep area. It literally feels like someone came up and punched me in the arm. I went to my doctor and she did another MRI of my neck. She said that there is a pinched nerve and arthritis at the C6 level that might be causing this. Can you have a nerve pinched after a discetomy?? Anyhow.... I had an epidural, and the pain went away for about a week. It's back now in full force and last night my boyfriend accidentally elbowed me right in that spot so it's extra tender today. My question is, do you think this is related to my neck or is something going on with my arm?
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google  Mitchell T. Yass  author

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