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When I exercise am I losing weight

Because I exercise everyday and I also eat less
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It depends on how many calories you consume and how many cal. you burn.
If your calorie intake is greater than the calories you burn from exercising then you will not lose weight. What type of exercising are you doing? Cardio or strength or are you doing both.
I would go by the statement you made, you said you exercise everyday and eat less.
Firstly, you don't go on any weight loss program without having or knowing the kg you want to cut down and your average calories intake..so I would suggest you start a proper plan, don't just go out everyday working out and feeding less. You can message me for free professional follow up
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Just to repeat something I often say here, calories are not the main factor in weight gain or loss.  Metabolism of the food you eat is.  Calories aren't irrelevant, but the fact is, some people can eat certain things without weight gain that others just can't.  This is because of metabolism both in a general sense and in the dietary sense, which is that certain foods break down more quickly into sugar than others but which foods these are can vary significantly from one person to another.  If this sugar isn't burned quickly, it will store as fat.  And the answer isn't a high protein diet, at least not as far as the best long-term studies of actual humans show.  So while generally eating less and exercising more results in at least some weight loss, how much depends on how well the food a person eats is being digested and metabolized.  This is important, because some high calorie foods have not been associated with weight gain, while some lower calorie foods have been.  Once again I will bring up the high calorie high fat salmon meal, which will not make most people gain weight unless they eat a ton of it at a sitting.  
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