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When doing push ups I get a headache in my upper neck/ lower back of my head

I have been training to get in shape to become a navy seal, that said ive been doing swimming, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and running for a few months.  Recently (last wednesday nov 10) while during my PST, i swam 500 yards then 10 minutes later was doing push ups and when i got to about 30 almost instantly i got a severe headache located just in the back of my head right where the stem goes into the skull.  this then threw off the rest of my work out but i continued because it was a test.  None of the other excersises worsened it but it was there for the rest of the day.  I thought it was because i wasnt breathing enough (doing as many as i could in an alloted time) during each rep, however last night (the 12th) I went to do some push ups (having not worked out since wednesday to allow for whatever i did to heal) it happened agian and i stopped immediately.  I then did situps which again didnt make it worse and then ran. This time when doing pushups i was doing them slowly taking full breaths in going up and out going down and it still happened.  Now im getting worried.... any ideas?
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Hi. Exercise headaches occur during or after sustained, strenuous running, rowing, tennis, swimming and weightlifting exercises. Most exercise headaches are harmless, and can be prevented with medications, hydration and warm-up exercises. However, headaches related to brain and circulatory problems may require immediate medical attention. It might be best to see your physician for further evaluation and management. Hope this helps.
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Some people get headaches during exercise. These headaches are completely physiological. Please remember to do warm up exercises. Also maintain your fluid intake throughout the work out.
A mild over the counter pain killer before exercise will also help.
It could also be a nerve. Are you taking any supplements? if you are try eliminating one at a time and see if it helps also see a Chiropractor. could be any number of things
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No, no supplements at all.  I drink water throughout the day, though might not be eating all that great (not enough vitamins).  but ive been doing these workouts for months now and this happened all of a sudden.  
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Hi I ve been working out regularly for last 1.5 year... day before yesterday I was doin shoulder exercises end of the season I was getting little headache...today when I went to do exercise, in warm up I did pull ups and got sudden headache I tried to do lat pull down but because of the headache and discomfort I had to stop the exercise.....
same problem i hade...... i don't no what i do ?

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I am the only one in the WHOLE WORLD who knows the answer that you are looking for.  I know what you feel like, and this is what you need to do.


Preferably, use a TempurPedic type pillow for side sleepers, and a TempurPedic type mattress.

During the night, turn from right side to left side only.   You will be tempted to (just for a few minutes!)  sleep on your back, but do not do it!

Am I clear now?

In about 4-5 days, you will be able to do all of the exercises you used to do, with no pain.

So tell this to everyone you know.

Good luck and best wishes always
it's really recover to this type of problem
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Hey there im experiencing the same type of pain when doing push up and it gets even worse when doin pullups....I wonder if anyone knows why this pain occurs
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