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Why Is Iron Important In Our Diet?

Iron is an essential part of the hemoglobin molecule which carries oxygen in the blood. The two most common types of people prone to iron deficiency are young women and children. For adolescents and teens, iron deficiency can make the skin look dull and for some can enhance the appearance of under eye dark circles, a major beauty and appearance issue with many women.
Often the lack of iron also expresses itself in the form of:
Poor attention,
Shortness of breath, which is another condition itself, called anemia.
Brittle nails,
Inability to stay warm,
Frequent colds.
We can see why it is important to have a diet that includes iron and eat iron-rich foods. Eating foods that contain iron can provide the following benefits:
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You know, you posted this misinformation once before.  Shortness of breath, as I mentioned then, isn't anemia.  Anemia is a condition that causes all the symptoms you describe and is the condition you get if you're chronically low in iron.  You say young women and children are the most prone to anemia, but all females become young women and all humans start out as children and very few develop anemia.  Too much iron can lead to heart disease, especially in men.  Poorly absorbed iron can lead to constipation.  So again, I'm asking, what is it you're trying to say exactly?
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