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Will Power!

If you know the answer to this, PLEASE enlighten me!  I have all the knowledge I need to be a healthy individual.  But I suffer from several mental disorders.  I am 27yrs old,5'9", and weigh over 300lbs.  I want to be more active and lose weight for health reasons.  I want to be able to do more in this life then what I am capable of right now.  But I get overwhelmed and eventually depressed when I think about what it's going to take in order for me to accomplish this.  Therefore I do nothing.  It's a vicious cycle.   How can I fix this?   Does anyone have any spare WILL POWER?   lol
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I am 35 and also 5ft 9", 4 years ago I was a little over 220lb I am now at 176lb with a goal of 154lb by Christmas and a final goal of 140-147lb by Easter.

1) Set yourself realistic weekly goals -  that should stop you feeling overwhelmed -  aim for a weight loss of 1-2lb a week -  sounds small but is achievable and anything you lose more than that will feel like a great bonus.

2) Write down everything that you eat - take the time to read the calories on the box, or weigh and research the calories. Set yourself a realistic daily calorie allowance -  I have mine set at 1800 but I only have 22lb to lose -  I think you should start at 2500.

3) Keep an emotions journal -  keep it with you at all times and when you feel depressed or craving comfort food or any food write about it first -  usually by the time you do this you have come out of that immediate need to gratify yourself with food.

4) Try to drink 8oz of water every 90 mins that youa re awake -  this was hard for me as I don't drink enough normally so increasing it was tough and meant I spent the first 2 week on the loo weeing like crazy! but it works well to flush toxins out your body which help the body hang on to fat and glycogen!

5) Get a pedometer and set yourself a daily target for steps -  It took me 5 weeks to get up to the recommended target of 10,000 steps a day. For you it may be that you start at 3,000, and work up adding 500 a week till you can do 10,000.

6) Make sure youa re in bed resting if not sleeping for at least 8 hours a night-  thats 8 hours with no stimulus like TV, game boys, books and 8 hours with no eating or drinking.

7) On a Sunday sit down and decide what you will eat teh next week, plan the menu and the shopping list. Stop buying the extras, the snacks, cakes, cookies, candy.

8) Get a weight tracker on here and chart your progress - use the journal feature to share with supportive friends on here your highs and lows and accept their advice and friendship and use it as crutches when you need to.

9) Allow yourself a little of what you fancy, occasionally. And build in a reward for a good week -  if you lose weight spoil yourself, if it has to be edible thats okay -  but could be a new item of clothing, a book, a DVD, make up, jewelery etc...

10)  Remeber a bad day is not the end of the world -  each day is a new start -  infact each meal is a new chance.

Good luck and remember the new you is your creation -  it is in your hands...I read you are trying to get pregnant well losing weight and increasing your fitness will be a huge step in the right direction and will hel your body cope and spring back from pregnancy.

good luck :)
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How are you?
I would suggest you to take one day at a time. Do not think long term. When you wake up in the morning just focus on what you can today that day in terms of physical activity and dietary control and take it from there.
Start with activities that you can enjoy like an evening walk, dancing etc.
You will feel much better mentally also once you start exercising regularly.

Take care!
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WOW you guys motivate me too! I need to get serious!!! Good luck to you molyba. YOU CAN DO IT AND SO CAN I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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