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Will asthma cause high heart rate during exercise?

I am a 52 year old, over weight, out of shape woman. I have obesity related asthma and diabetes.. I have recently  joined a gym but within 8 minutes of being on the treadmill, at only 2 mph, my heart rate is up  to  132-135.. there is no chest pain or discomfort but the high numbers scare me.. I feel like I am not getting enough air into my lungs.. I am newly diagnosed with asthma. I am 5'2" and 238  lbs. Is the high heart rate dangerous? Oh, I have had tachycardia all my life but my heart rate is not THAT high except when I am exercising.  
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Bronchial asthma causes tachycardia and with control of your respiratory symptoms you would control your heart rate.

It is very important to take proper medications for dilating your air ways and also to avoid all allergens which trigger your asthma.

I would suggest you to continue cardio as in treadmill, cross trainer, skipping, jogging and running regularly for 45 minutes.

I would also suggest you to follow up with a physician regularly and plan a diet chart with the help of a dietician.

Take care!
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