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Workout with pain?

So I worked out for the first time in a looong time yesterday, and my muscles hurt... I'm wondering if it's ok for me to workout today? I've been told to wait until my muscles aren't sore because they need to heal. And I've been told topush through it, so I just don't know. Any help?
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No. Don't "push through it". Depending on the area strained you could end up with :shin splints", which will put you out of the exercise business for quite some time. You won't die, but reasonable rest will provide you with the best road to optimal physical fitness.
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You should not work the same muscle every day!! You should give it a days rest. If you work your upper body on Mondays then on Tuesdays do your lower body and Wed. upper and Thur. lower. You want to work each body part at least 3x per week. Start off easy and slowly increase the weights or reps.
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Good job on the workout! In the days after your workout you'll experience two different kinds of muscle soreness.

Within the first 24 hours of your workout, you might be kind of sore. This is normal--your workout created little tears in your muscles and they need to repair. This is when you rest. You can still go to the gym, as long as you don't exercise those muscles that you focused on yesterday.

24-48 hours after your workout, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness will set in. This pain will make you LAUGH at the first day's soreness. Simple things like lifting a coffee cup, typing on a computer, going up and down stairs, and sitting on the toilet will probably make you cry.

Um...THIS is when you WORK OUT AGAIN. I know, right? Just when you think you can't bear to move, that's when you're supposed to work those same muscles.

Set up your workout schedule so it looks something like this:
M,W,F: Arms, chest, back, abs.
Th, Sat: Lower body

That doesn't have to be the exact schedule, but you get the idea: stagger your workouts so you're not working the same muscle groups on back-to-back days.

You can also do FULL body workouts, just 3 days a week, if you dont' want to be at the gym every day and don't mind longer workouts on your gym days and being completely unable to move on your off days.

There are things you can do to reduce DOMS:
--Decrease inflammation. You can do this by drinking plenty of water and green tea, sticking to a healthy diet with plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, and taking an anti-inflammatory OTC if pain is very bad.

--Try using massage, heat or cold therapy, or a whole body vibration machine on low settings to relax tense, painful muscles and increase circulation to the area.

I hope that helps!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I worked my lower body yesterday, which is what is hurting so badly, but I just didn't want to miss a day so today I did upper body and used my foam roller to massage my aching muscles.

This forum rocks! Thanks again!
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