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Wrist pain 4 months after FOOSH

4 months ago I fell backwards onto my outstretched hand. At the time it was not too painful and just felt a little sore. there was some swelling but it was not significant. At the time as I could still move the wrist I put it down to a sprain. during the next two weeks I began to notice that it was a little more serious than I had first thought. I had pain when trying to Flex and Extend the wrist as well as when moving it to the left and right. there was also pain on weight bearing to the point that I could not put any weigh through it. when moving from flexion to extension there would be a click and a lot of pain.

After two weeks of this I saw the family doctor who diagnosed a sprain and said if its no better in a few months then come back. I decided to then see a chiropractor, who took x-rays and confirmed there was not break. the wrist was a little clunky and painful when manipulated. The wrist was taped and I also used a splint. after another 4 weeks of this it was still not getting better still painful to flex and weight bear.

After this amount of time it was evident that it was more than a simple sprain. I saw a sports doctor who sent me for more X-Rays and a bone scan. The x-rays again confirmed no break but the bone scan had a high uptake on the distal radius. The sports Doc said you need to see a hand specialist and sent me with a note to ER.

Was seen by ER doc who sent me to the Ortho clinic who again did more X-Rays, which showed no break, but they indicated that I need an MRI. They Have now refereed me to a hand specialist and booked the MRI. I'm now faced with a 6-8 month weight for the MRI as it has been classed as non urgent.

I'm concerned that in the mean time more damage is being done that could prove to be problematic in the future.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.  
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First thing that comes to mind is Periostitis and that does take time to resolve or a tendon or ligament injury.  What did the physician recommend you do as far as activities? I can't see further damage happening so long as you are careful.  Are you stabilizing it at night with a splint?
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There are no experts here, but it sounds like to me you're certainly enriching the medical establishment.  You hurt your wrist when you fell on it.  It takes time to heal.  Did anyone tell you to ice it and elevate it right after you hurt it?  Anyone got you on ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory?  Sounds like you fell on it hard, got a bad result, it's not broken, and you're just being impatient.  That's why the wait for the MRI -- you don't really need it and the docs know it.  Now, I can't say any of what I just said is true -- lots of hard to find things can go wrong with the human body -- but everyone has told you it's not broken, if it was you'd notice a lot of swelling.  You're not young anymore if your profile is correct and you're 54 years old, you won't heal quickly anymore.  Wait until you're 64 like I am and you're sidelined more often than you do anything.  Exercise causes injuries, they build up, and you just need to let it heal.  Anyone send you to physical therapy for massage and strengthening to speed this up?
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