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Yoga after Incisional Hernia Repair

Dr. Vinod - I had a repair of 3 hernia up and to the right of my belly button. Two are incisional hernias (I had an open surgery last year to remove about a foot of necrotic colon), one is apparently a spot where muscle never properly closed up. I have two meshes - one over the open muscle area and a larger mesh basically across my whole abdomen. I have been advised of no exercise at all for 3 months. I would like to get back to doing yoga eventually. From what I've read, I can do that if I'm careful on which asanas I do. What is your advice - from both a short term and a long term perspective?
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I addressed this to Dr Vinod because I saw his post first - but would appreciate any and all responses! Sorry - I'm new to this forum...  :-)
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Three surgeries have put a lot of pressure on your abdomen. You should not attempt any form of exercise, any form of increase in pressure in your abdomen for 3 months should be avoided. You should also be careful not to cough hard and take precautions from getting any infections.

After that you can start doing activities without any pressure on your abdomen, do not lift weights, do not go on ladders etc.

You can start with walking and yoga at home after 3 months. Yoga asana which relaxes your abdomen should be attempted and after an year and after a final go from your surgeon you can attempt to jog, run and lifting of light weights and some more  yoga postures, light aerobics, etc.

Lifting of heavy weights and heavy workouts are a strict no for you even for long term.

Take care!
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Thank you. This helps alot. Will be hard for me since I've always been very active (tennis, yoga, weights, etc.), but since I fear my hernias may have been caused by going back to intense exercise too quickly after the colon removal surgery (I waited about 5-6 months, but that may not have been long enough) I will do it! Thanks again for your detailed response.

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