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Zumba work out dvds.

I ordered the Zumba work out set and am waiting for them to come in. I am very excited about them... My question is has anyone heard of this exercise or tried it before?
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It is always good to try different and varied types of workouts and exercises.

Make sure you do not exert yourself initially, start slowly and proceed ahead.

Take care!
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I haven't tried the DVDs but am certainly interested in hearing how you like them!

I have however gone to Zumba classes in my town.  And I LOVE them!!!  Currently we're on summer break but I took them once a week for the last 8-9 months.  It's a lot of fast latin-american dance inspired movements.  Our instructor always said it was more about the constant movement than getting the technique down perfectly.

I found it a fun way to get in some cardio and the hour long classes always went by quickly since I really enjoyed it.

I hope you enjoy it just as much! :)
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Thank you! I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Accourding to the website I have to expect a delay in shipping because they are behind in shipping.

I can't attend any of the classes due to not having daycare for my children so I ordered the set. I am currently doing my old Tae Bo VHS tapes and need a change.

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