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anyone seen a top bodybuilder train?

hi, am not from U.S. that's why am asking this..

just wanna ask if anyone here have been training or has seen a real proffeasional bodybuilder train.. i know most of them are into steroid abuse.. but i just wanna know if they have that "intensity" to match their physique.. i heard most of them used light weights and uses fake heavy dumbbells during photoshoot.. how true is that?

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If you want to see a bodybuilder train, watch some of the videos available on bodybuilding.com.  Its unbelievable.  I definitely need to step my game up after watching the workouts these men and women do.
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no, i mean the real ones.. i have no access to see them personally... im too far from states..
i watch youtuibe often ... people like kevin levrone and lee priest blows my mind away..

have you tried youtube?

i think theyre tons of videos there...

well, how about you, have you personally seen a bodybuidler train?
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My husband has old videos of Doriam Yates and he lifted some seious weight. My husband is a cometative bodybuilder and so is most of his friends. They lift heavy too. I as well am strong ,for a women. I hear that a lot. But I look like an average women no bulging out yet. I am still trying to loose fat. But my legs and arms are getting leaner. I do hope this helps.

Ya know maybe someone like blockbuster on line or one of those companies might have some videos in stoke. Or you might be able to go the pro's site you like and see if they sell any of there workout videos

Good luck
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i didnt knew you were a girl.. but thanks anyways.. i was just sad to see that the one about the calories thing got deleted.. i had many questions there.. but, seriously i really thought u were a guy.. ur good at the sport.. :) anyways, nice talking to you maam.. am also into the sport but not yest competing.. hehe although i get many invitations for a competition here.. oh, cool, u have the blood and guts of dorian yeates.. i got here only the old pumping iron thing.. :(

tnx anyways..
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I was looking for the post too. I forgot where it was. Oh well. I mentioned a web site and that might be why. Sorry to disapoint that I am female :), but I LOVE this stuff.  Ask again and I won't mention any sites this time.
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this posts kinda bulgar.. i mean.. they can be read by everybody and its totaly delayed.. we can chat if u want.. am not a killer or somethign just wanna be updated with health things and training.. will it be ok?
its ok if ur a female though ur name sounds like a guy's ... :P kidin
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