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best exercise for hepatitis person

hey can somebody suggest what is the best exercise for hepatitis person?

thank you
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With abdominal pain, discomfort and generalized symptoms you should avoid any form of exertive physical activity. If it is viral hepatitis you should be careful so that you are in quarantine and do not spread the highly infectious hepatitis.

Slow walks are the only exercise advised to you and that to after the acute phase.
Avoid all forms of exertion.

With building up of energy you can increase the intensity.

Take care!
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thanks Doctor Vinod

What about proper sleep?
Can i sleep late at night and drink coffee?
or drink lotof water in order to balance my body

What kind of foods are suitable for hepatitis person?
What about candy sir

can i eat candy

Thank you doc!
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Avoid milk or fat and you sure should limit caffeine.
All toxins, pigments, additives and fat digestion is addressed by your liver. Also you should limit proteins.
You can have natural food without any added flavors and pigments and home cooked food without any oils, fats based primarily of carbohydrates and some protein. You can have milk without fat as in completely toned form.

Homemade candy without those added pigments, flavors is always good. Drink sufficient water and with decrease of symptoms like jaundice and change of stool color you can start slowly fats and proteins.

Take a second opinion.

Best of luck!

Take care.
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thanks again Doc

just ask can i sleep late at night?

what would be the effect of stress and sleep in my disease

thank you doc
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You are suggested to take rest and sleep at right time and it will not cause any major side effects if you sleep late but will be stressful to you in the infective stage.

Is it infective viral Hepatitis?

Take care
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hey doc!

don`t know if my hepatitis is infective
The gastro said that my disease is untreatable that`s why he didn`t gave me a medicine
but still if feel different symptoms and i feel irritated because i have ascites on feet and whenever i walk my left foot always twist..how can i prevent this ascites doc?

doc i`ll give you my result

hope you can suggest


HbsAg 3.562 > 0.800 => REACTIVE


if HBeAg would be greater than 0.735 (CUT OFF), then it would be REACTIVE.

thanks for your help doc
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You are suffering from infective viral Hepatitis which is caused by Hepatitis B.

Your physician is right in not prescribing any medication; if you have severe symptoms then you may consider taking some antiviral or interferon with his consultation.

Presently follow whatever dietary measures I have suggested in previous posts. You have to consider proper rest till your symptoms decrease.

For your ankle edema you have to sleep keeping your legs elevated on a pillow. Lift your legs on a stool while sitting to avoid pooling of venous blood after every 3-4 hours. Do some exercises at your ankle joint like pressing your foot down and lifting it up while keeping your legs straight to facilitate circulation.

Take care!
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doc am i a chronic carrier?
i`m still hoping i should not pass my disease with my family.am i highly infected?
doc when is my window period?
by how many years should i wait for my window period?

am i still able to clear the virus even if it is reactive?
how about my lifespan? should i live healthier then other normal person?
you know doc because of my disease my mental health is also affected but still
i keep on hoping and fighting

doc i am also worried with my job
what job should i get?
do you know jobs that is fit with hep b person?

thank you very much doc
and sorry for many questions
am i frustrated and feel irritated
still hoping for a new hope

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At your age the immunity will be high and if you are not alcoholic then it is all the better.
You will fight the virus and build immunity.

Once infected you can be immune to Hepatitis B in future and the antibody titer can be detected in future as a check and to be sure.

Take a vaccine in the future and there is nothing to worry. Vaccine against Hepatitis A, B, C and E are available.

Presently till you are having infective hepatitis for a period of one month i would suggest you not to share plates, glasses, towels as any secretion of your body would contain active virus be it saliva, urine, semen etc.

Do not worry about job and you can do any work in the future, wait for the infection to be over and consult your physician when to start exercising and have an active life.

Till you have hepatitis B only two things to follow:
1) Quarantine yourself properly
2) Rest and take the diet as suggested.

Take care!
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Doc how bout my elevated breast? i know it is not a gynecomastia it is an elevated liver. Do i need operation for this? or it would simply decrease after i fight hepatitis?

thank you very much doc...!
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After your infection subsides you have to have a proper balanced diet.

Slowly increase the protein and restrict: fats, fast foods, junk foods, sweets, chocolates, ice creams, desserts, etc.

Exercise and do some weights and maintain a proper BMI.

You have to understand chronic alcohol and liver problems cause gynecomastia in adults. What is your age? Are you alcoholic?

If all parameters are normal and you exercise regularly and if you still continue having male breasts (gynecomastia) then you have to consider plastic surgery.

Take care!
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im not alcoholic doc
i don`t even know how i get hepa b virus
i just a 19 yrs od boy
i stop my nursing course because of my disease
when i was ten i notice that my breasts were enlarge
when i start having fats on my bodies i don`t even know if i just have adipose tissue

doc am i a chronic carrier?

what about hepatic encephalopathy?
how could i control this?
i always suffer from my mental confusion sometimes it`s hard to think

thank you very much!
thanks because you give me your time

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As a 19 year boy do not worry about anything. Visit a physician if only you have any symptoms or medical problems.
Let the infection subside and then follow healthy lifestyles like proper diet, exercise and avoid alcohol and avoid smoking.

You can get infection of Hepatitis B even by drinking in the same water glass of an infected person. It is highly infectious.

Concentrate on your studies and sports and live a stress free life.

Take care!
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thanks a lot of doc

maybe my questions are over

thanks for your encouraging suggestions

thank you very much...
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dear doc,

May I asked if how still i live in this world as what my physician told me that it is a vertical transmission. my grandmother died in liver cancer and without knowing for how many years my mother has a chronic hepatitis b. when her gallstone taken away thats the time we all know that she has a chronic hepatitis b and with my sibling we done also the screening and it result the 3 of my siblings has a chronic hepatitis b.

My question is how many years I can still live when this kind of infection? is there a possibility that we are be treated?
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You have to go for antibody titer estimation for Hepatitis B near a microbiologist and if you and your children have the required antibodies level there is nothing to worry.

Once infected or transmitted you have these indicators in your blood.

I would also suggest you and your family to take a complete course of Hepatitis B vaccination and also to take the boosters on time and to go for regular estimation of antibody titer.

Take care!
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sir 17 years no symptoms little overweight developed manboobs. hbsag  possitive 3398. got to know incidently. what needs to be done. can i work out gym and all
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dok..i need your good advice..what is the best thing to do in order to become strong,despite having this illness.im a hepa b patient..sine i found out this illness i never go to any doctor..home medication only...so what is the best thing to do doc plz help me....im taking everyday CONZACE...eating to much food with high protein can make hepa B more reactive is that true dok???coz i cant avoid those food which is high in protien help me dok
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i am 21 years of age n i am diagnoses with hepatitis b with 1720 virus after having hepatitis quantitative DNA test. i always feel like get fainted or low energy, indigestion, i left my job because of this what should i do please tell me in order to make my career or being fit n strong. i am also having pain below liver 24*7 called abdominal pain or something.
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hi doc. I am Samuel age 19. i was affected by Hepatitis B after having a sexually intercourse. but i lie to my doctor about the matter, I'm  did't pronounce about the sexually intercourse, due to scare of my parents. I'm scared what will happen in the  further. so kindly could you please suggest me what step to take in the further???
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is bicycling good for hepatitis B patient
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Hello sir
Faisal amin from peshawar
age 20
weight 54
I am patient of hypatitus B non reactive
my colour is so pale
and my body is so weak
could I start body building to fit my body normal

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I have hepatitis b and tuberculosis can still go to gym and what should I eat
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hello doc i have the same problem i was diagnose with hepa b in our school yearly medical :( what should i do? i feel small pain in my righ chest i already stop drinking and smoking 5 years ago. before i was diagnose its more than 2 years now since i was diagnose pls reply.  
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