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best proven to build size exercises

neck presses - chest (without ego in it)
dips behind back - chest (outer pecs with or without plates on the lap)
chins        - back (with the chest touching the bar, dont go for reps go for the form)
decline one arm dumbbell extension - triceps (believe me this really is a great exercise, try it once)
cable rows - back (squeezing the the shoulder blades together)
cable reverse curls - forearms (go heavy as possible)
hyperextension - erectors (with or without plates)

there i hope somehow i could help u add some good exercise ... well, god bless..
keep pounding
if bodybuilding was to be judge by bodybuilders themselves COLEMAN, YATES, OR CUTLER wouldnt be a landslide winner..
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"if bodybuilding was judged by bodybuilders, Coleman Yates and Cutler wouldn't be landslide winners" - As a national level competitor here in the UK as well as a former judge I'd love to know how you came to that conclusion.
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ok..  here's what an olympian body must be ...

- no GH gut (these guys have done too much that they don't even bother suck in there belly button.. just look at a video of ronnie coleman during Mr. olympia in 2005, seeing him dance with the raise the roof style shows and disgrace his physique.. he looks like he's 5-month old preagnant.

- complete total package (not because you have the back to wipe everybody out at back poses doesnt mean u can be mr. olympia.. its not what the game should be.. dorian yates indeed outmass everybody when it comes to back development.. but look at his arms.. even an amateur can outmatched his weak arms.

- popurality shouldnt be the game too, jay cutler is very marketable indeed , good looks, white, and totally huge.. but overall, he doesnt bring that olympian package. these guys poses bad. and not to mention jay's got weakness, which are very visible as well as yates and coleman.  dont get me wrong am not an asthetic guy, but i think bodybuilding's beauty doesnt lie on the freaks either.. there are great guys like dexter jackson which belly has now protruded, since the arnold classic (just look at his pics, so sad..) i mean, if we are to judge then somehow olympians of today would be different...
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how about you do u think they desserve their olympian crown?  well, at least some i guess.. but not all.. so much had been done at judging, may it be on pro or amateur levels.  im not a great bodybuilder but at least i know what's good and whats not.  when reaching 290 pounds is the only reason for bodybuilding, then i'll quite doing it.

p.s. (which did you favored?)

yates or ray?
levrone or coleman?
cutler or someone else?

i dont wanna argue ok? i just wanna hear things from other people.. if u'r opposite, then ill accept it.. but thanks for asking me anyway.  this only means, there are still people here in the fitness and exercise forum. :)
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1. abs - as sergio oliva once stated "hes belly is like of a cow's"
2. chest - hes chest aren't the type you'd expect with guys who have those heavy bodyweight.
3. biceps - larry scott, arnold, casey, hes out classed here.  i dont think genetics is the case here ..


1. abs - no comment
2. noticeable gyno - how can he be the idol of new comers when that gyno keeps pooping out?
3. forearms - i dont know but looking at the forearm department nowadays, seemed to be forgotten.. i dont think they even train them..
4. calves - again im not into matarazzo as a basis or something.. but perhaps, he could do something on his calves.

dont get me wrong these guys could blow you away with just one lat spread.. but i dont think they can on me.. to me, bodybuilding is an art.. a very great art.. its how you depict humanity's beauty.. its not just how big u are on stage or how freaky one bodypart of yours are.. but rather its how you can touch others heart.. inspire them or begin the new desire within...
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yeah ,they dont inspire me anymore . thats why i dont pick up a muscle mag anymore. guys like steve reeves inspire me.
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yes physiques like sergio oliva seems to be complete.. dont say something yet.. just watched him pose at the video of youtube.. he can contract those abs greatly.. and flex those thighs at its best.. he is what a physique of an oylmpian must be... same as serge nubret, and today's richard jones and the peak of kevin levrone seems to be an outstanding physiques to me..   for me these are the qualifications for the olympia crown and the right inspiration for new comers in the iron world...
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