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chest pain muscle

my chest has been having shooting pain and sometimes just slight pain it will hurt for a week or so then go away then come back after about 2 or 3 days it has been goig on for about 3 weeks...i toss and turn in my sleep real hard and one day when i woke up is when it started.....it doesnt hurt when i breath unless i hold it in and it gets bad when i move or reach for somthing with that arm....and i dont have any other problems just that...what is going on....thanks
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All chest pain should be evaluated by your doctor.  I suggest you go in and get an EKG done and get the doc to check you out as soon as possible. If the checkup comes out okay, then check out other possibilities.
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I recently went to the hospital for that kind of chest pain this week end. I had an EKG and x ray done. They dr. determined it was chest wall pain/costochondritis (Tietze's Synddrome).An inflammation of the cartilage of one or more ribs.Pain is caused by movement that change the positioning of the ribs, lying down, bending over, coughing or sneezing. Pain may mimic that of coronary artery disease.This disorder is common in young adults, but occurs in all age groups.Rest, use heating pad or ice massage affected area, you can use aspirin or ibuprofen for 5-7 days only. Hope this helped.

Take care
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Most Important!!! Don't mess around with your heart, go to the er asap!!!! you won't regret it.
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i also have been having similar symptoms as you. I've had a pretty bad cough that lasted for a few weeks, but it has subsided. Then, i started having left chest pain whenever i breath deeply, or usually when i move with my left side and it's quite tender to the touch. It doesn't bother too much me whenever i exercise or sleep, my doctor said i pulled my muscle probably by coughing before..so i'm wondering if it's costochondritis as well.
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I am having the same pains.  It also feels like either my heart or muscle has been "ridden hard and put away wet".  Swollen and beat up - there is also a knot in the middle that just won't go away.  I "used" to have an arrythmia and MVP. Now all I have is heart regurg.  Pain does go thru to my back and down my left shoulder and arm, but it is a constant (degree of pain varies)with some weakness in my left hand/arm.  Any thoughts?  Pat
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G'day, I have had chest pain for about six weeks now...I have had a ECG which was perfect, blood tests...perfect.
We have worked out it is muscle pain. The pain starts when I exert my self, from just walking up a hill. I also wake up every evening with a crushing pain in the chest that radiates down to my arms.
I am now receiving massage therapy which does not seem to help, but have been told my upper back muscles are very tight. My massuers is going to start work on my chest muscles tomorrow. I also have bad circulation.
To releive the pain I have been taking valium, 5mg in small doses which seems to help a little, and have now started taking codral forte and valium at 15mg which last night worked great. Would physiotherapy help with my problem?and yoga when I heal?

Cheers Peter
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hi there, i am a sports therapist and i have a patiewnt who has been diagnosed with costochondritis and she gets great relief from de-sensitising massage and friction work to the intercostal muscles with gentle stretching of the rib cage.

when you see a massage therapist make sure they have a good background injuries and lots of experience as some only really undrestand relaxing massage and de-stressing.

i hope you get some relief from the chest massage, make sure you ice after.

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i just had pain in my chest since this mornin its like rite in the middle of my chest like whrer my bone is am thinking bout goin to the hospital i just dont no??
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I have had on and off similar pains in the chest (sternum/rib area, right side). It also wraps around to my back in the similar spot in my back. It seems to come on when i do some activity that aggrevates these areas, like a throwing motion, or a pushing motion.   I am finding relieve by instead of just sitting or lying around, in doing 2 things, doing those band stretches for my chest and back areas, then either walking or getting on the bike. if i do that without putting too much exertion into it, i start to feel better in those areas.  It's like the muscles or ligaments constrict without doing that and just continue to feel lousy, but when they are stretched out (without over doing it), relief comes. :)
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Hi, from the variations in chest pain you have mentioned the most likely cause seems to be musculoskeletal pain or some pleuritic pain, if it is associated with breathing. It does not seem to be originating from heart. In any case you have to visit your family doctor for evaluation and many investigations if required. If needed, you will require pain relieving medication as well. All the best.
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