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help me find the right exersize program

I had my Thryoid Removed two Years a go I have gained up to 250lbs I have tryed everything ..I need to know what exersize programs are safe for me and what diest are safe..I have to becaful at what kind of med si take ..because i have know thryoid. I need to lose 150 lbs so can some one help..
I just wonder if yoga or palaties would do anyhting for me
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A site that I refer to quite often for exercising and supplement information is bodybuilding.com.  Check it out.  I can not give much information given im not familiar with your particular condition.  But as far as techniques and advice, give this site a try.
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palaties has had amazing success, also you can try searching the net for some low fat diet plans, or can check out <a href="http://www.online-health-source.info/">http://www.online-health-source.info/</a> it has some diet plans, work out plans and some good cardio workout excersies that might help, if you still have problems you can email me @ ***@**** and ill try to help you. Good luck!
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Are you currently suffering hypo symptoms other than weight?

E.g. constipation, fatigue, dry skin, thick skin, depression, always feeling cold, aches and pains, low pulse, low or high blood pressure?

If so, demand your doctor properly treat your condition or fire him or her.

Ask your doctor (current one or a new one if need be, see above) if ny exercises would do any long-term damage to your body (perhaps thyroid disorders will make some exercises cause damage) - once you find out what isn't going to damage you, choose something you will stick to.

And ignore the haters in the gym and on the streets who might harass you for your size. You have every right to exercise. If they are really hurtful, pray that they get thyroid disease or something else themselves.
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i cant seen to loss this fat around my belly. how can i loss it? The tops of my legs to i cant get rid of how cant i? please help
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WOW! I think you need to find a new Doctor! Go to a specialist; an Endocrinologist who specializes in Thyroid meds. I was like you  and now I'm taking Armor-Thyroid. It's working well for me although now I need to get the weight off! Good luck!
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