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high ASO titre

i am Rajini. my ASO titre value was found to be 750 by nephloturbidometry method. i am taking pencom LA12 from past 6months..i.e., once in every month. if i delay to take pencom i suffer from sore throat. from past 3 days i feel acute pain in my chest(heart). i am still continuing pencom. please tell me wat shud i do to make ASO titre levls to normal? i have also consulted the doctor. my heart reports are normal. i am 25yrs old.
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Hi, High ASO (anti-streptolysin O) titre (more than 200 IU/ml) indicates infection with bacteria called Streptococcus pyogenes. Since these germs can adversely affect heart valves, long acting injectable penicillin (sold under the brand name of Pencom LA 1.2 million units) are given once in 3-4 weeks. The The ASO level can be regarded as a measure of the extent and degree of infection. The levels (titres) of ASO reach the highest at the beginning of rheumatic fever but they may also be seen in some other diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and Takayasu arthritis. Thus, rising titres of ASO have a greater significance and in general, the antibodies rise during the first month after infection and then plateau for 3-6 months before returning to normal levels after 6-12 months. Penicillin prophylaxis is usually continued for 5 years after the first attack,
I hope this helps
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heyy..nothing to worry . we can fix that easily .it is a arthritic medical condition but it is not pure arthritic .but it shows as similar as arthritics just like morning stiffness,joint pain , throat pain, cough issues,digestion issues  if you feel anything on these symptoms its because of high aso titre , through ayurvadha i can fix that , +919961144744 if u need my help contact me on whats app or call me
Look, I'm not going to report you, but selling your services on this website isn't going to be allowed -- you'll be kicked off very quickly.  Also, this post is 8 years old and I'm guessing the person posting has either gotten better or gone on to better things by now.  And while ayurveda might be good for a lot of things, you obviously can't diagnose someone from afar.  A physician has already answered and just to show you how old this post is, there are no physicians on here anymore.  Ethics, anyone?
sorry for the comment,
i mean that every body is aiming money , some people are treated others are still eating painkillers , and antibiotic for long term but no use

some people still believing that there is no cure for high aso titre , from my experience i can say that  high aso titre is a indication or warning message ,that body wants to inform us that bacteria  is active on our body , normal  doctors  prescribe antibiotic and pain killers some are prescribe steroids , but we can fix that , i fixed before this thats why i said that im not blaiming any one
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