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how beneficial is a gluten free diet

im 18 and have been struggling with hashimotos disease for the last year plus, i used to be an mma student and had huge plans for the sport i love, then it was just all of a sudden taken away from me because i cant do it anymore. i have zero energy to be an endurance athlete anymore, its incredibly depressing and discouraging. i know 40 year old smokers that have smoked cigarettes since they were 10 that have better cardio/endurance than i do, it *****. so i guess my question is, have you gone on a gluten free diet? and if so, how did it make you feel? i read about it a little bit and it says mostly people with celiac disease need to go on gluten free diets, but it can also help people with auto immune disorders; specifically thyroid disorders, hair loss, and diebetes. i have all three of those symptoms in my family, only one of which i myself have a problem with. ive read of people having celiac disease, so they do the 30 day gluten free challenge, and say they see improvements in their energy levels as well. any advice or info would be great!
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Im currently gluten free and it had helped me in so many ways. I was having all kinds of crazy symptoms out of nowhere, extreme exhaustion, blurry vision, headaches, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, constipation, dizzy spells.. the list goes on.. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 4 months ago and immediatley gave up caffeine and eliminated gluten from my diet. -Its not easy to give up most of the foods you eat, but I have felt so much better. I eat very little now compared to before, mostly only fruits and veggies, lots of salad and a shake for breakfast.... I limit my meat intake too to help with digestion and overall health, but I do have fish, shrimp, chicken or turkey 3x a week. -What you put into your body is really important. And for me, being healthy and feeling well, is more important than eating tasty garbage. -Ive also lost 16 pounds so far! And my digestion has never been better. The most important thing I have found is to drink a massive amount of water, dehydration can cause a lot of problems in the body. You should drink your weight in oz, each day... For instance if you weigh 140 lbs, you  need 140 oz of water, which is about 17 cups a day. Sounds like a lot, but your body will thank you.
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Keep working with your doctor to get your hashimoto's disease under control, as it affects thyroid, if you haven't checked in with him/her recently.  As far as gluten goes, most people do not have any problems with it, and it is part of very beneficial foods.  If concerned, ask your doctor to test for celiac disease so at least you will know if you have any need to avoid it.    .  

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