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i am so sleepy all the time and get tired so easily? why?

hi i am John and i am new here as my problem is i am easily get tired and so sleepy all the time and i am just 25 kindly help me?

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Have you seen your doctor for a check-up?  Changed anything about the way you eat or exercise?  About how much water you drink and electrolytes you consume?  Been sick lately?  Do you sleep well?
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Hi John! I used to have the same kind of issues and here's how I worked it out (did everything at once so I can't tell what actually worked the best) :
- Diminished added sugar and simple sugar as much as possible (fruit juices, soft/energy drinks, coffee and I started really reading the labels avoiding glucose-fructose and sugar)
- Exercised more, a daily 30 minutes at least as often as possible
- I had terrible sleep so I started taking a sleep spray on nights I couldn't fall asleep
- Started taking a combination of a multi-vitamin, omega-3 and probiotics

Most people tend to abuse stimulants and added sugar I read, which create a cycle of sugar-rush/sugar-crash which causes such problem as yours and eventually weight gain. I basically just started really taking care of my health and diet...

Now I'm as energized as a teenager! (I'm 28 by the way so I can relate)
hey there, welcome to the forum!  Good to see you here and I am enjoying your posts!
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I have a question, do you use caffeine?  I use to and it was a bad thing.  It made me more tired in the long run. While it was rough for about 2 or 3 weeks after I gave it up, no more highs and lows and I felt overall more energized. I also get a boost in energy and feel less fatigued when I exercise more.  It's amazing but it definitely has that effect for me.  

How's your sleep and eating?  And stress level?  When I'm anxious or depressed, I feel lethargic and fatigued too.
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