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lose baby fat

i had a baby in 2005, through out the preganancy i have gain about 50 pounds, from 125, now i weigh 137 but would like to lose about 10 pounds what is the best thing to do since i would like to lose this before the summer comes...
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Zero carbs and high-intensity weight  training. Google HIIT.
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Eat less,  move more.  ;D   That's it.  
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exercise and eat unrefined food. The low carb thing will not last long. U need carbs. U can eat carbs and still lose weight. Just eat less calories that comes from quality food.Forget fad diets and just eat right for life.
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Find out what your BMR is then your TDEE (google) and that will tell you how many calories in a day to eat to maintain your current weight then decrease by ~ 500 -750 a day. Eat good clean food, cut out complex carbs (potatos, rice) out @ ~ 4pm and add in fiberous carbs ( broccoli, salad). Cut out fruit @ ~12 NOON. And start working out. Also eat a clean source of protein ~ 3-4 hours to prevent muscle breakdown. Good luck
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Speak for yourself, thyroid man. I've been zero carb for several years with no ill effects. I run marathons, do triathlons, and last year rode my bike across the country. I'm in the best shape of my life.

If somebody is prone to overweight, especially abdominal fat, they need to cut down on the carbs. Zero carb really isn't necessary (I did it just to see what it was like after being an Atkins  follower for 15 years). Insulin is a very powerful hormone that affects all of our physiologic systems, including our cardiovascular system.

You don't speak for me when you say low/no carb will not "last" or you "can't stick to it." To discourage people from even trying low-carb is really not good advice. How do you know what will work or not work for somebody?

Some of us can, and do, stick to zero carb.
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how can u get all the fiber and nutrients your body needs with zero carbs?Fruits and vegetables are carbs.I too rode my bicycle across the country last summer.The trans america bike route.4400 miles. Congrats to u on your ride.
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how the hell can u b zero carb for several years?Your telling me u eat nothing but meat? You're telling me u don't use milk in your protein shakes? Milk has carbs in it.U don't add fruit or something to your protein shake?Just water and protein powder? Just meat and water? For years? Yeah right!!!!!!
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Thanks thyroid man!!!! GOOD point!!!
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"how can u get all the fiber and nutrients your body needs with zero carbs?"

Our bodies don't need fiber.  There's no scientific evidence that fiber is necessary. You must be one of those folks who has jumped on the "regularity' bandwagon. Keeping the bowels moving and all that. It's bunk. Literally.

"Fruits and vegetables are carbs."

No sh*t, Sherlock. Right, I don't eat fruits and veggies. Haven't for quite a while. Also not necessary for anything except to feed your acculturation. If you are "accustomed" to eating fruits and veggies, if you have been "told" that we "need" fruits and veggies, then you will follow that dogma. But it's not necessary.

"I too rode my bicycle across the country last summer.The trans america bike route.4400 miles. Congrats to u on your ride."

There were plenty of places along the way to pick up a steak, eggs, burgers, or even some fish. I survived the ride quite nicely. As did my zero-carb companion. Found some great ribeyes in some parts, I must say. Really good stuff.

I eat what I said I eat:  no carbs. I eat beef, fish, shellfish, chicken, a little pork, like bacon once in a while, eggs and some cheese. I eat calf livers  about once a month.  High-fat cuts of beef are the best, of course, like ribeye. The fattier the better. My diet is about 75% fat, 25% protein. I don't drink milk, since it has carbs in it (now that is some unhealthy shite). Cheese  has small amounts of carbs, but I use small amounts, like bleu cheese, on my steaks. It's delicious - you should try it. I eat my steaks  rare or raw. This is how I get my intake of  ascorbic  acid (hey, you could look that up!), so there is no need for vitamin C in "fruits and veggies." I might use a little chopped garlic on a steak or seafood, and of course I use spices in small amounts. But carby stuff like fruits and veggies? Please.

I have no use for fruits, veggies, grains, beans, milk, or any carby foods. Our intake of carbs is what has caused the obesity epidemic and accompanying epidemic of type 2 diabetes. I'll steer clear of carbs, thanks very much.

My last marathon time was 4:03, and I'm currently getting ready for the Alcatraz Triathlon this summer.

But you go right ahead and eat those carbs! That means more for you! You are welcome to them. The damage done to the intestines by long-term fiber ingestion, the damage done to our insulin regulation by carbs - no thanks - you guys can have 'em. I'll take a T-bone steak any day over that ****.
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Enjoy your heart attach then :)
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Well here are some proof of why people might want to eat fiber or fiberous foods. So here is your scientific proof, but yes you don't HAVE to eat it to live, but you won't live long with out it. My GOD bless you through your older years!!
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"Enjoy your heart attach then"

My heart...."attach?"  LOL.  Jesus, a monkey could do a better job of spelling than you.

I'm not interested in reading your links. You wasted your time posting them. I've read everything I need to know. A high-fat diet no-carb diet is quite healthy.

You take care now. Don't forget to fix both your spell checker and your grammar checker. Your skills in both are non-existent.
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