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loseing weight

Hi im new to this site and so far I really like it! Im trying to lose weight. Iv always had trouble with my weight. I have 3 kids and its hard for me to go to the gym. Dose anyone have any exercises I could do at home that wouldn't take long to do but will still work? If ao please let me know. ~Thanks
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Hey there, welcome to the site!  I'm a mom and it really can be challenging to get a work out in with kids!  So, there are all sorts of things you an do at home.  One thing that you can do if you have access to the internet is pull up some youtube videos.  They have full work outs such as boot camp, cardio kick boxing, Zumba, etc.  Put the youtube video on and follow along.  Don't worry about being exact as it's really all just about the movement and exercise.  I find music in general helps me stay pumped up for cardio and working out.  I have some light weights and do arm curls, triceps, chest flies, etc.  Let me know if you need some exercises to do with weights.  I have a 3 pound, 5 pound and 8 pound sets.  squats, lunges, push ups, mountain climbers, are good to incorporate along with planks, etc.  Get outside and walk.  Take the kids on a hike.  :>)  What do you like to do for exercise?  And also, I really found what I ate made a huge difference.  I cut out things like soda and cut down on sugar and processed food.  
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The problem is the doesn't take too long part.  The best way to exercise for the biggest bang for you time is interval training, but to do that you'd need a machine at home such as an elliptical or bike.  Basically, you alternate going at a high rate of exertion with going at a lower rate of exertion.  Be careful, though, because this is how athletes train and it can cause muscle pulls and cramps.  Other than this, as you exercise, you will always reach a point where it becomes too easy and then you have to either increase it or you just plateau, which has never bothered me but it isn't easy to lose weight that way.  As Mom said, having kids doesn't prevent you from getting them outside with you and walking or hiking etc. If they're in a stroller, you can jog if you can afford a running stroller.  If you have a husband, let him take the kids while you go out and exercise.  If you're young enough and don't have a lot of injuries, nobody needs to go to a gym -- that's what older folks have to do because we can't do the fun stuff anymore.  Which means, again, if you have a husband, let him take care of the kids while you do whatever you like doing -- join a soccer league, go out for a bike ride, etc.  But here's the more important thing -- exercise per se isn't necessary to maintain a health weight, moving is.  Moms aren't sedentary, you're not sitting a desk all day.  Any movement is movement.  What that means is your main problem is more likely your diet, so you might find it more valuable to change that.
I find rereading this I should explain.  There are several cohorts being studied long-term right now, and the ones who are both the healthiest and have the least societal obesity don't exercise, but they do move a lot -- they walk places instead of driving, that sort of thing.  What sets them apart is their diet -- high in veggies and grains and fish, light on other animal food, for example.  This takes time to show the proper effect, but it will eventually and the weight loss will be permanent because you will have reset your metabolism.  That's why I mentioned diet because, again, most Moms aren't exactly sitting around all day, and you have three to keep you busy.
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Specialmom said it all.  

DVDs and YouTube=in the comfort of your home.  You don't need a gym to get into shape and/or lose weight.  

Secondly=pay close attention to what you are eating.  I really believe it's more about the diet than tons of exercise.

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