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need to lose 5 lbs

I recently (about a month ago) moved away from the beach, where I was walking 4 miles a day.  Now I need to create a new routine, and I need to lose a good 5 lbs because with the move and everything I gained a little weight.

Can anyone give a start up diet, regimen, to help get me back in the groove?  I noticed I don't have the same type of energy that I used to, and I feel extremely bloated and lethargic.  I do 3 sets of 50 crunches per day, I stopped for a couple of weeks and now I have included it back into my workouts.  Also, I have access to a gym where there is a nice treadmill and eliptical machine.  I want to get into weights as well, an my boyfriend and I are going to start doing that together.  

I also noticed the no carb diet on here - and boy do I love carbs and sugar!  I eat lots veggies and fruits.  I LOVE cheese!!!  It's hard to stay away from them, but would I notice key differences in my body if I dropped the carbs?  What if I allowed some carbs?  Which ones are the worst offenders?  

I would appreciate any and all advice!  I had lost weight and fit back into my size 4 jeans when I was working my beach routine - now I am muffin topping them:(  Help!!!
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man, i am right where you are.  my son is going to be 1 in august and i had gained 45lbs.  I lost 40.  prior to being pregnant i ran 5 miles a day and trained doing other things as well.  now i have no sleep and no time.  not joking about that.  i would get up at 4am to run prior to baby.  now w/ my son, some nights i have only had 3hrs of sleep at 4am.  well, i cant run on that.  i dont eat bad but i eat like i used to when i was running.  running i could eat anything really.  regardless, i know what i have to do.  pump up the exercise, cut down the carbs or both.  this is really the only way we see the changes.  if there was a magic to that dang 5lbs...well, how awesome would that be?!!  cheese is protein btw, no carbs.  you still want to eat low fat though, too much fat is not going to help drop that last 5.  stick to natural carbs and i usually mix my carbs w/ a protein to help slow down the process of the food being used for energy.  now since i am tired a lot, i eat some carbs late in the afternoon.  this is probably keeping my 5lbs on but i cannot let go of dates stuffed w/ cream cheese!!!!  yummy.  eat lots of veggies and protein.  limit your fruit.  cut out sugar and any packaged foods.  keep it fresh and maybe pick up some walking!!!  good luck girl, i am right there w/ you!!:)
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If you are only over by 5#, it sounds like whatever you did in the past had been working for you. Cut back a little bit somewhere and up the exercise and I'm sure you could lose it in a couple of weeks.  If you'd rather work out more to get it off without changing your food intake, you could do that. Just pick something and get started.

If you want to cut back on the food as well, start with the obvious stuff, like sugar/white flour junk food. If you don't eat that stuff, start cutting back on grains, like bread and cereals. (I happen to think grains *are* junk food, but that's for a different thread!) : )  

If that doesn't knock the weight off, take out the starches, like potatoes.

It's a step-wise thing for a lot of people, especially if you only want to lose 5#.

You don't say how old you are. High-carb diets tend to start backfiring on people as they get older. Too many blood sugar swings with insulin sensitivity setting in. But whatever works for you. 5# just isn't a lot to lose, and if you only want to up the exercise, that would probably work, too.

Good luck.
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Hey, I went easy on her, cloey!  : ) Somebody says they need to lose 5#, it's a matter of just getting back on whatever train they were on. But, yeah, low/no carb is still my first choice.

I hope I am getting better at seeing others' perspectives, but probably not. : (
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Low Carb, Low carb, Low carb. I am sure that Barn will chime in on this one with her awesome advice. PLEASE take it if you truly want to be successful!
I am finally losing weight that I have been trying to lose for about 10 years now. Give it a try and stick to it, you WILL see results fast. Good luck
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I *heart* misscloey.  : )

I agree that in the final analysis, low carb is the healthiest plan. No question.  

You rock, honey!  
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Yeah, someday I will need to lose ONLY 5 pounds. Only 37 more to go! YIPPEE. Barn, how do I learn how to run? Boy, is that a stupid question or what? I have always wanted to run but here are my issues:

#1. Very large upstairs (if you know what I mean) cannot find a support bra to hold em down while running. Ouch!!

#2. Shin splints

Right now, I work out with my weights of course, but for my cardio I either work out on my Gazelle at home or the Eliptical at the gym. Both offer the low impact on knees, ankles and seem to not aggravate the shin splints.

Is there any hope for me? I probably could find a sports bra with enough support if I really tried a little harder, maybe at a running store.

The shin splints are my main concern. Walking doesn't bother them that bad, but running really hurts. I have trid walking a ways and then running until I can't run amymore, then walking again etc.

But, when I am done, boy do they hurt.

Any advice?  
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