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new mom of twins

I just had a Csection on January 27 to give birth to my twin girls. How soon after surgery can I begin working out. What type of workouts should I start with and how often to shed the weight I gained during pregnancy.
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I suggest asking your doctor!! I would think about 6 weeks!!
If you were already in good shape before your C-section then you may be able to start off with any diet & exercise plan.
If you were not in good shape before your C-section then you may want to start off with an easy workout plan.
To firm up your stomach

You'll need to do flat ab exercises which works your TVA muscles or
you can do isometric abdominal contractions where you squeeze & hold your abs tightly for 10 secs as if you were bracing yourself for a belly punch but,You'll still need to get permission from your doctor before even doing these low intensity abdominal exercises and…
Even after your 6 week recovery period your doctor may still advise you to not doing any abdominal exercises like sit-ups for ANOTHER 6-to-12 weeks. Check out the following!!
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Thanks for your advice. Before I was pregnant I ran & bycycled 8mi while either pushing my 2yr old in a stroller or pulling her in a bike trailer. Also I did core/ab workouts & danced... I continued to run & dance just cut back the distance to 2miles. After that due to high risks of twin pregnancy my Dr told me to get off my feet & take it easy. I ate healthy & drank tons of water but still gained 60lbs with my twins. I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy without complications as well as delivery & carried full term to two healthy baby girls. However now I am very ready to get physical again & shed this weight. Its just been so long & knowing my stomach has been stretched, torn apart & weakend I'm unsure of where to begin. I did buy the Hip Shrinx & the Belly Bandit so I wrap tightly in those to help guide my body back together during the healing process. I am also trying to cut back on calorie intake but am breastfeeding my twins which means I need extra calories due to them taking all my nutrients through my milk/feeding. I just wanted to give you a bit more information about myself & pregnancy & any additional information you may have will be appreciated. I will also call my Dr & see what he says about how soon I can work my stomach after surgery. I don't see him until 6weeks after birth so I have 3weeks until I go in to see him so I will call to get information on working out.
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