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reduce pot belly

Please give exersize and other means of reducing pot belly. Thsnk You
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Hi there,
I am a Kinesiologist.  Please don't listen to anyone who tells you to exercise your abs, and you'll lose the abdominal fat.  "spot reducing" doesn't work.
Get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity a day.  Being sedentary is as bad as smoking a pack a day.
Eat low glycemic foods.  Make this a way of life, not just a diet.  There's a good program to start people out on, to help lose the cravings for carbs.  only available online.  
"Reset" it's called
highest quality.  company offers up to a million dollars to pro athletes, should they test positive after using their products.
Good luck!
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I would assume that there are several thousand or so products and books online that would help in reducing your "pot belly". You could try some of these out, but make sure that they are safe.

On a general note, reducing your pot belly should not be your focus. It should be towards general (whole) body health. People may suggest sit-ups or ab crunches or whatever, but it would really be better to undergo exercises or activities that work-out your entire body.

Activities such as running, jogging or brisk walking can help lose those unwanted fat and at the same time give you the needed cardiovascular work-out. Swimming is also a good activity to undertake as it exercises almost all your muscles plus it helps the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Be active, as what the previous poster has mentioned. People who lead sedentary lives are more prone to diseases of the bone and have increased obesity risks.

Eat right not light. Dieting is not the answer, proper diet is. You should choose well the foods you eat. Be more informed of your food choices.

Hope this helps.
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