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safe exercise for obese woman

Unlike some here, I am not trying to change the number on my bathroom scale. All I want is to improve my fitness, which is difficult for me as an obese woman. Traditional exercise advice is not for fat people! I just need help safely shrinking my arm and thigh fat. When voicing your opinion please keep in mind that I am 5' 9", 240 lbs and have lower back and ankle problems.
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Hi there! I understand completely where you are coming from. I too am an 'obese' woman with back and ankle issues. (Due to a horrible car accident)
After four years I finally have the all clear from the doctors and am able to start stretching (yoga but not the crazy poses), walking little and often, and will be going to the local leisure centre pool once my body tells me it's ready.
One thing at a time! You can do it! Kick butt, girl! (Or should I say arms and thigh!) God Bless!
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Dear Erin.  As you know 1st get exercise plan cleared by your doctor.
       I have two ideas. One is called bed or couch Yoga. Mix with isometric exercises. All done on the couch or your bed as a platform.  Personally I'm not getting on the floor to do things I can do while I'm using my bed for a yoga mat.  I've been doing Yoga since my teens & there is just not that much difference. I'm not  Guru Yogi for heavens sake.
        After you finish, get to a pool. Find one. Some high schools even open their pools to the general public. If you love the ocean even better. Here in Costa Rica I swim in the sea. My swimming includes, doing any kind of stroke
I feel like,for as long as I choose. Even treading water is better exercise than watching TV.  Not saying you watch TV.

        My husband jogs. He runs marathons. There is always a body part on him that is injured.

         I love Jazzercise. I've had to stop doing Jazzercise because it hurts me. Or I hurt myself doing it. I've been going on & off for over 25 yrs. I don't want to get into trouble with the Jazzercise people, whom I've helped to get rich, but if you are not prepared to have your knees scream, better not jump around.  They do however have low-impact classes & ways to modify regular dance moves into low-impact.   I must be too stupid to take their advice.

        Swimming has Never hurt me. My husband said it hurt his shoulders to swim for more than 15 min. So, I taught him How to Swim.  Now, he does Triathlons & it only hurts him to jog & ride his bike. He's got swimming down.

          So, go swimming. If you don't know how, get lessons.   Pamela
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A daily walk is a low-impact workout that burns more calories the heavier you are. A 300-lb. woman walking at a moderate pace will burn as many calories as an athletic woman jogging the same distance.
Exercising in water can be an ideal choice!
Tai chi is a form of exercise and meditation.
Strength training burns calories.
Use an exercise ball for abdominal crunches, situps and resistance training.
Perform functional exercises, which use your body weight as resistance, for general conditioning. For example, practice sitting down in a chair and standing up. Step up and down a curb or a step on your porch; this uses stabilizer muscles while improving your balance. Functional exercise burns calories while strengthening the muscles involved in the motions.
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Just swim. Do lapse. 4-5 times a week and eat fruits and veggies. You can do it!
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How many pounds is recommended for weight loss every week
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How many pounds is recommended for weight loss every week
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Well I'm obese too, I'm 5'0 and weight 250 and I've been working out not even two months and I already lost a jean size, and honestly, it was hard for me at the beginning because I love to be in bed and eat everything in sight, but I'm proud of me now cause instead of focusing on the numbers in the scale, I wanted to do a lifestyle change, and I guess I'm doin it, I go to the gym for one hour 4-5 days a week, I'm eating what I normally eat but reduced the portions, and I'm takin some classes at the gym, zumba is one of them, and I'm loving it, and tomorrow I'm gonna start taking boot camp because I don't get tired anymore, so if I'm doin it, u can too, so start slow and good luck
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